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About Me:

Hi, I am Pam....

Please include a message in any friend requests letting me know how you found me (post, mutual friends, etc.). Otherwise I will probably decline the request.

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~Earl Nightingale

Link to my blog (details with what I am doing):

I am 46 yo and 5'8". I have lost weight on Weight Watchers & My Fitness Pal several times, but have always gained it back and then some extra pounds when I have stopped. 10/14/15: I am starting over again from scratch after being very successful with my fitness pal in 2013

MY PROFILE FROM 2013. Keeping it as incentive as I start from scratch again. I have done it before & I can do it again.

I started seeing a weight loss coach in the health clinic at my job. She suggested that MyFitnessPal would be a good tool for me to track what I am eating. I have used MFP during my entire journey this time and it has been a very effective tool for me :)

I am a mom of a 20 yo. Now that he is older, I have time to dedicate to myself again. My husband is very supportive and will help me on my weight loss journey.

My new mantra is "Keep on Keepin On". This is to remind me to be persistent and to keep on working on building a healthier/happier me no matter what...

As of 10/14/15
I have gained everything back :(
10/14/15 273 lbs

5'8"--Stats in 2013
Started: January 11, 2013 272 lbs/BMI 42%--Fat 46.20%
Lost 10 Pounds: February 6, 2013 260 lbs
Lost 20 Pounds: February 27, 2013 252 lbs
Lost 10% of starting weight: March 14, 2013 245 lbs
March 14: BMI 37.4%--Fat 43.3% Fat
Lost 30 Pounds: April 3, 2013 241 lbs
Lost 40 Pounds: April 22, 2013: 232.80 lbs
May 1: BMI is 34.70%-- Fat is 40.70%
Lost 50 Pounds: June 11, 2013: 221.80 lbs
June 12: BMI 33.50%--Fat is 40%
July 31: BMI 32.40%-- Fat 39.10% (10% reduction in BMI, 7% in fat :)
Lost 60 Pounds: August 14, 2013: 212.80 lbs
August 28: BMI: 32.4%--Fat is 39.4%
Lost 70 Pounds: November 8, 2013: 202.608

Gained 30 pounds back--lack of tracking and willpower :( Starting over on July 8: 230 lbs
July 8: 230 lbs

Why I want to get in shape

My number one goal is to get healthier. I have IBS & Fibromyalgia and I am hoping that eating better & exercising will help relieve the symptoms. In addition, I would love to lose weight and be able to fit into smaller clothes. Lastly, I want to gain the confidence/self esteem of the 60+ year old women at the Nude Beaches that just enjoy themselves and could care less about the wrinkles, rolls, or anything else that is on view for anyone who looks their way.. lol... (new goal--go to a nude beach on 50th birthday--3 years away)

My Inspirations

  • Feeling better and healthier.
  • Being able to enjoy many years to come with my husband and son.
  • Being able to go on amusement rides without worrying if I can fit or not.
  • Making my son and husband proud of me. As well as being proud of myself :)


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