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39 years old
Red Deer, AB
"It's been one Hell of a journey so far! Almost there..."

About Me:

I never realized how much I let myself go until my 5 yr old son actually told me I was fat. After many tears, and some self-realization, I decided that enough was enough. I was tired of being overweight, tired of shopping at the plus size store, tired of being too tired to play with my kids, and most of all, I needed something to boost my self-worth, so my weight loss journey began.

Why I want to get in shape

To not be the fat friend anymore - check!

To wear that cute little black dress - Bought a dress today! Woot (june 4/2012)

To be an example to my children - check!

To live a long and fulfilling and HEALTHY life - every day is a good one!

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  • My children
  • That cute little black dress


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    Mon 06/04/12 07:35PM Ya, without a hrm, you can't tell for sure with any exercise, but my bootcamp instructor told me ages ago that you can generally bank on ...

  • What a Difference a Year Makes (-101 Pounds and Pics)

    Mon 06/04/12 11:19AM You look smoking hot girl!!!! Way to go on your fabulous transformation, inside (i'm guessing) and out!!! Proud of you!!!!!

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