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Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a web designer and developer in Orange County, CA. My job keeps me at a computer all day, and often all night, so it was no wonder I hit that big "30+" on the BMI chart.

Most of my weight gain happened while I was getting a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design. I had an irregular class schedule and a boyfriend who would rather go to Carls Jr. than let me make dinner. Between 2006 and 2010, I gained 50lbs, and then gained another 10lbs after I graduated. Since then, I broke up with the fast-food lover and found a man who supports me and takes care of me (and loves my cooking).

My workouts include playing DDR, soccer and occasionally Insanity.

Why I want to get in shape

I was having a difficult time doing simple things like tying my shoes or putting on pants without sitting down. It was pretty horrible, and I felt bad about myself. I could barely run, and I would get winded just from talking while walking.

I haven't shed a lot of weight yet, but my endurance has increased like crazy, and I love the feeling of being able to say "I'm not done moving yet"

High school weight: 135lbs
Peak weight: 196lbs (February, 2012) Lost 5lbs, gained it all back.
Goal weight: 145lbs
Current weight: 180-ish

My Inspirations

  • Get to a healthy weight before trying to have kids.
  • Improve my soccer game (endurance)
  • To stop feeling that I have to untag my photos on Facebook


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