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25 years old
Salineville, OH
"Soon to be Mommy of two :) A two year old little man and a new little one due June 29th 2014 <3"

About Me:

** Please send me a message with your FR. My list is getting a little full and I like to keep up with everyone. Please only FR if you're positive and log everyday.. Those that go 30+ days without logging are deleted. No picture? Blank profile? Don't bother. **

I work out! *dances* No.. really, I just jump and flail around while swearing at Jillian Michaels ^_^

i've always struggled with my weight and every time it's the same. i lose 20-30 pounds and begin eating that extra something and before you know it i'm sitting here feeling gross.

Here we go again.
(Bought a new scale as of 10/2/13!!!.)
Starting weight 218 8/22/13
Current Weight 206

****Found out we are expecting LO on 6/29/14 - weight loss on hold until after baby :) ********

Goal Weight 135 (we'll see when I get there)
Ultimate Goal weight 120 (maybe)

48% Body fat (eww) according to mom's awesome scale. -_- 5/17/13
47.5% Body fat 9/10/13

BMI -> 41.64 obese

1st goal 210 Reached: 9/7/13
2nd goal 200 Reached:
3rd goal 190 Reached:
4th goal 180 Reached:
5th goal 170 Reached:
6th goal 160 Reached:
7th goal 150 Reached:
8th goal 140 Reached:
9th goal 130 Reached:
**Ultimate Goal** 130-135
Reward: New hair & New wardrobe!!

***2000 3rd Trimester & for 2 years after Baby is born. Exclusively Breastfeeding & have to have enough calories to maintain supply.. If the loss takes a little longer I'm ok with that.. Baby first. :) ***

According to this -> I will know when I can reach my goal after pregnancy.

**Personal Goals** (will be updated as they change..)
1 )complete a 5K.. THIS one --> and this-->

2)bench 200lbs (even if it's just ONE REP)

3) wear a single digit pants size

5) be comfortable in my own skin.

Although the number on the scale *isn't* the most important thing... these are sort of guidelines. I want to be healthy for me AND my children. I'm looking to shape up and slim down THE HEALTHY WAY this time.. and to keep the weight off for good.

Also, they only make pretty wedding dresses in non-plus sizes. When that day comes I want to be beautiful and confident! Not just shoved into a dress that I don't like because "it fit".

Why I want to get in shape

I want to be as small, and as confident, as i was in high school.

goal measurements -> 35-24-36.. tink's measurements (Margaret Kerry. the inspiration for tinkerbell.) ^_^


My Inspirations

  • My son - Mark - he needs a healthy role model to look up to.
  • Myself - i want to like what i see in the mirror. I want better self esteem.
  • My BMI
  • My size 10s


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