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24 years old
Louisville, KY
"Powerful things come in small packages"

About Me:

As a vegetarian, everyone always asks if I get enough protein. And some days I don't, if I don't pay enough attention. I joined this site so I can monitor my own nutritional needs and so I can provide a positive example for other vegetarians.

I did NOT start a profile in order to diet, but once you see that big calorie counter, it's sort of hard to ignore! However, I am anything but anorexic: I love to eat, but being so little (naturally), I sometimes have to remind myself that the "2,000 calorie a day" average is intended for people much taller than me.

I have realised since using this service that I tend to fall significantly short of my RDA for iron. Though I have been tested numerous times and am NOT anemic, I am glad to have caught this problem early enough to avoid developing any issues related to iron-deficiency.

Why I want to get in shape

I'm a professional model looking to regain some of the muscle definition I had as a younger girl, especially where it concerns my abs!

My Inspirations

  • Better self-defence
  • Washboard abs!
  • Swimsuit season
  • Becoming a better model


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