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Raeford, NC
"Nothing Like Sweat."

About Me:

I lost a good bit of weight starting when I was 15, finishing when i was 17.5; went through some struggles, but I came out better than how I went in. I was 161, then 109, started lifting and went to 127, back to 116, cycling, then joined the armed forces and during basic training gained up to 138. I started crosfitting and went down to 130, with the same waist size as 125-6. I then had another bout of service and lost a lot of muscle. I'm back at CF, not at a gym, I workout with a friend, and I have a blast doing it. My job is on your feet, 30 hours of activity, and I am finding the balance between getting back to the size 4 I was and being able to move weight I am proud of. I try to do mostly whole and natural foods, but I love froyo and donuts :D
I'm 5'4 and currently 135.

January '14 Lifts: Bench - 120lb
DL 215lb
Squat 170lb
Rack Jerk 110lb

August '14 lifts: Bench 104lb
DL 175lb
Squat 140lb
Rack jerk 95lb

June '15: Bench 115lb
DL 225lb
Squat 175lb

Why I want to get in shape

I love knowing my husband looks at me and likes what he sees, and I love feeling confident.

My Inspirations

  • I love feeling healthy
  • Having self confidence
  • Having a body that is capable of what I desire to to.


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