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25 years old
Fayetteville, AR
"This is my Journey!"

About Me:

I'm on a mission to lose weight and get fit. Not for anyone else but myself. I've always been the overweight one in a room of people but I am going to change that. With a good friend and a lot of hard work I am on my way to being healthier and happier!

*Friend Requesting Me*
So if you want to friends request me you don't have to message me or you can. It's your choice. I just want to say that I NO LONGER log my calories or even count them for that matter. I know there are a lot of people that won't add friends if they don't count calories. I see a lot that say "I won't support eating disorders" That is the main phrase I see. Well I just want to clarify I do NOT have an eating disorder and I don't want my not logging of calories to deter friends. I have ACTIVELY been on MFP for 11 months. For the first 7 months I religiously logged my calories. As my eating habits changed to what a normal person should be consuming I stopped logging. I no longer worry about calories because I don't stuff myself and I eat mindfully. Within those 7 months I changed the way I eat and the healthier way became normal to me. The only time I count calories is when I am trying something new so I can know what range I am in. I love getting new friends but I don't want my non calorie logging make people think I am not eating, or something like that. I EAT! I am also very active on this site. I track my weight and visit the forums daily. I LOVE the forums! Such great support!

Starting Weight: 315 lb
Current Weight: 284 lb
Current Weight: 264 lb
Current Weight: 260 lb (06-11-2012)
Current Weight: 255 lb (07-09-2012)
Current Weight: 253 lb (07-23-2012)
Current Weight: 247 lb (08-21-2012)
Current Weight: 235 lb (10-08-2012)
Current Weight: 234 lb (10-22-2012)
Current Weight: 232 lb (11-05-2012)
Goal Weight: 180 lb

Why I want to get in shape

I want to get into shape because being fat is NOT fun. I want to be healthy and stand in front of the mirror naked and say "Damn, I look good." I want to be able to walk into a store and not worry about not finding something to wear because the clothes won't fit me. I want to be able to ride a horse and not worry if I'm going to break the poor animal's back. One of the perks of losing my weight is that I'm going to go on a cruise. Yep, that's right, when I get down to my Goal Weight my mother and I are going on a cruise.

My Inspirations

  • Fitness Models
  • In General, Extremely Fit People
  • Being Able to Comfortably Jog Is A HUGE Inspiration and motivator for me.
  • That Cruise I'm Going On When I Get To Goal!


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