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"Time to live again"

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Back in january 2016 I was 35lbs over weight and so used Myfitnesspal to lose it. I managed to lose a great deal of that 35lbs until it was discovered that I had a tumour on one of my ovaries. After a a full hysterectomy it was found the tumour was benign but I came out of hospital having lost even more weight. This brought me down to my perfect weight and I had no intention of losing anymore.

Unfortunately I then became very ill with bowel and kidney problems and have been in and out of hospital since. These problems also caused me to lose even more weight until it became serious. I now need to work hard at putting back on at least 14lbs if not more.

I am therefore now using Myfitnesspal to keep an eye on making sure I eat enough calories to put back on the weight I need to to become healthy again.

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