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"Finding the NEW me!"

About Me:

I had a very successful weight loss journey (losing about 60+ pounds on my 5'2" frame) and was in great shape... but the last couple of years about 20-25 pounds have crept back and I have not been active. I let a rollercoaster mix of complacency and anxiety/depression created from a "unique" home life get the best of me again. So, I know at this point in my life I may not be able to get back to where I was so rather than look back and pine for the past, right now trying to find a new path to a new me! I was on fat secret for years and had a wonderful community of friends all over the world and even locally to me, so if you are really in this and an active member please feel free to reach out to me!

I have 2 children that are still at home so that does take up a lot of my time but I am trying find a sense of balance. I have never followed and "diet or meal plan" but I have found that like a lot of people my body does best on a clean and high protein diet. I am trying to make small changes and keep steady without the feeling of deprivation. We all know what a sabotage to the lifestyle you want the feeling of deprivation can be! The one thing I learned that has not changed with my age or life it the fact that slow progress is easier to maintain so even if the scale doesn't move the way I'd like I am going to focus on how I" feel", does that make sense?

Why I want to get in shape

Health and well being mentally and physically. Life doesn't get any easier!
I want to be there for my kids and lord knows I have enough struggles in my life I can't control but my health isn't one of them!

My Inspirations

  • My kiddos, no doubt.
  • My sanity lol


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