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"Hooray, I'm old. "

About Me:

First pic - me in Vegas for my 60th. 2nd pic - my wakeup call (Christmas 2008- I think)

I have discovered I am a lousy friend, I don't check on, or post enough on my feeds. Please try not to friend request me. There is a 99% chance I won't see it.

If you would still like to be my friend please send me a message first saying why you would like to be friends.

I rarely accept friends who do not message me first.

Sorry, but it is the honest truth.

I am originally from Manchester, England, but have lived in Canada since I was 20 (1974).
I am the middle of 3 sisters all close in age, and although I have always been the biggest of us, I have never been really overweight; though I have had a complex about always being the heaviest of us.

(family stats in our 20's -
eldest 5' 98lb,
middle (me) 5'-5'1 105lb,
youngest 4'11 90lb)

These weights were pretty constant until our late 40's.(I list myself with 2 heights because I grew an inch sometime in my late 20's!)

Fast forward and I am in my early 50's and just started menopause when I see this photo ( 2nd posted above) my son took at christmas-aaaagh- where did that extra poundage come from! and who is that old lady!

As a bookworm I had always claimed I was alergic to exercise, oh my, I was going to have to find something - anything - aquafit!?!

I was splashing in the pool as my fella was swimming saw a class in progress thought, hmmm I think I could do that, and the very next day there I was bouncing about in the water with everyone else.
At the same time I found the old Prevention calorie counting site so signed up and started counting.
I joined MFP a couple of years later and use it for maintanance and accountability.

It took a year, but I lost the 25-28lb I needed to loose to get back to my old 105lb.
It was a slow journey as I didn't have a big weight loss to contend with, and 1200 cal is the lowest recommended intake, plus it took me a long time to accept exercise is good for me.

By the end of the year as well as reaching my goal weight I had also done body sculpting and belly dancing classes, upper body weight training using the machines at the gym, and walked my first 10k race with a 1hr 35 time.

I was the fittest I had ever been by the time I had slogged through that year of hot flashes, hormone changes, strange body contortions, strength training, and calorie counting.

I have maintained my weight for about 6 yr now and will soon start to up my fitness routine for the winter; I rely on gardening and light beer in the summer. I will probably count my calories to make sure I am not losing on my new routines.

This year: maybe aqua fit once a week, I have to get more swimming time in. Zumba once a week I am dragging the better half to yoga once a week, and hopefully some heavy for me lifting/ strength training x 3 a week (nerdfitness.com is my forever fall back).
I find 5-6 hr a week is plenty for me.

Last year: as well as starting back on my aqua fit, I am experimenting with: Zumba toning x2, learning to swim, and the rowing machine at the gym 20 min x 5.

Regrets, a big one - I didn't notice and act upon the weight gain earlier.
Doing it through menopause has left me with saggy skin and a haggared face. If you are close to menopause, please, please take care of yourself now!

Stats: 61, 5'1,
SW 128-30, CW 102lb, GW 102-107 lb.( gw change 100-105, spring 2015,
bust 33, waist 25.5, hips 34.75
MFP 1200 maintain,
BMR 971,
1165- couch potato,
1335 x3 activity,
1419 x5 activity.

Cheers, h.

Why I want to get in shape

I'm shallow, at 61 I still want to feel sexy and look good.
( fancy that, 62 and still shallow)
I don't want to be the fat sister.

Active cruising - zip lining, rappelling, snorkeling, horseback riding, etc. All these things require strength, agility and endurance. Watching my weight and doing strength and cardio means I will be able to do these things into my old age.

Seeing my fella's face when I put on a new long, slinky evening dress that he had never seen - we almost didn't get to the the formal dinner we were attending!

My Inspirations

  • I love to cruise, and I like to be active when I cruise.
  • My 5 yr old grandson.
  • I have lots of nice new clothes that will go to waste.


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