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"On a journey to a healthier me."

About Me:

On and off and on again dieter that has hit rock bottom at 320lb. Long journey to 190, but every journey starts with the first step. To hell with Diets!!! This is a new life style, time to stop eating like the food is going to run out and really put some thought into my food choices.

Dec 17th 2013 : 319
Jan 30th 2014 : 300
Feb 19th 2014 : 290
Mar 17th 2014 : 280
Apr 03rd 2014 : 275
Jan 19th 2019: 330 something and back on this MothaFa

************************NEW CHAPTER IN LIFE****************

Jan 19th 2019

On the rollercoaster again. Have a new baby girl and really have to get serious if I am going to be in her life. High Blood pressure, pre diabetic, tired all the time, depression, and whole slew of other issues that, let's face it, should scare the crap out of anyone in my condition. I have to move forward in the right direction, I have noone to blame but myself and I am the only one that can get me out of this situation.

I have been behaving Since Tuesday Jan 15th throwing in a walk everyday at work after lunch. Lets see how it goes... ONWARD.....

Missed behaved about 4 days of previous entry... Jumped back on on March 14th and been good since (as of 05/06/2019). Now it's a race to get off of T2D meds...


Yeah!!! First Goal MET!! On to tackle 250.. 25 lb to go to next goal. So... Yeah! that just happened. I will not sit hear and tell you all that it was easy cause it was not. A lot of hours in the Gym, a lot of sacrifices waking up early and missing quality time with the family, but what I lost in time, I gained it back by sitting down and planning meals with my Beautiful wife AMBR25. It is crucial to sit and plan out your weeks meals and at the same time your grocery list to make those meals from scratch so that you know exactly what your putting into your system.

Time to up the ante and hunker down for the next 25lb. Those fat cells are going to regret ever getting on my system!! More GYM, better choices and a brighter day everyday!!

So..... It's the last week of Sept 2015 and I fell of the wagon in May 2014. Took a few days off which turned into a few weeks which turned into over a year. No gym no smart choices, just bingin and let'n it all hang out. Time to get my act together, almost diabetic, A1C is at 6.2 and I am not about to let diabetes grab a hold of me. Time to get serious again and back on track!

Sep 18th 2015 : 312
Oct 6th 2015 : 302
**** FELL OFF AGAIN! ****
Dec 12th 2016 : 316

Having some concerning health issues and I have been really not taking care of my self. I have gotten tired of my weight being the root of all my health concerns. This has to stop! Going to give 75% Paleo a try and keep repeating the mantra "The decision I make today will affect the path my life takes tomorrow."

Why I want to get in shape

I want my belly not to jiggle when I brush my teeth.. More seriously, I want to be healthier for my family.

My Inspirations

  • My Daughters
  • My Wife
  • Healthier Heart
  • Enjoying LIFE!!


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