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Chatham, IL
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"Unstoppable Seige Tank"

About Me:

I haven't filled this out yet.

Why I want to get in shape

Every day, every month, only comes once in our lives. For far too long I've looked back at my yesterdays with regret. "I should have..."

My secret is Drill. Drill all the time. Set goals, acknowledge skills that could be improved, and Drill. Not until I get it right, but Drill until I can't get it wrong.

When I squat, I can tell when I cheat, and shift my form to compensate for tiring muscles.

So, every hour, I get up from my desk, and squat, right there, 10 or 15 times. I want to be able to do this movement in my sleep, effortlessly.

My Inspirations

  • Setting an example for my son
  • Taking pride in everything I do
  • Lookin good
  • Staying buff into my 70's


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