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49 years old
Clear Lake, TX
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"Aspiring Instabook or Facegram Model"

About Me:

Almost 50 Colorado transplant living the dream here on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Why I want to get in shape

December 2020 Update

- Obviously 2020 has been a crazy year of change for all of us. Adjusting to new realities and stresses on personal and work situations.

I've gone through severe upheaval, mostly self caused, but that's another story... The end result was a lost of focus and dedication that I've had from the last few years. After some self reflection and refocusing of priorities, I've ready to jump back into this and set new goals for myself. I might be month early, but here's the goals I've set for myself for the next 3-4 months.

- Reduce BF% from ~16% to under 10% - At my starting weight (195 lbs), that translates to approximately 15 lbs. At 12 weeks, that's just over 1 lb per week, which may be too agressive, but I'm ready to dial in diet and my workouts to give it my best shot.
- Focusing on developing the following lagging areas - Biceps & Quads. This may be tough to do while in a deficient, but I'm go to keep protein elevated to help with this goal. This is a secondary goal to the first one however.
- Reincorporate Running back into my routine - I've really let this slide since going through my personal changes. I know it tends to conflict against my muscle goals... but I don't care. I really enjoy it and running helped kick start my fitness goals years ago. I'm not fast, but it's a great way to elevate heartrate and I don't get bored like I do with other cardio exercises. Be warned, I'm likely to start flooding my feed with pics from runs again... lol

In the end, this go around, I'd like to put myself through semi-strict cut and see how far I can take myself through it. I've thought about competing and I have decent size for an amateur bodybuilder. Diet would be limiting factor, which I'm sure it is for many aspiring competitors... lol

Feel free to reach out with any feedback, advice or criticism... I welcome and encourage all conversations. My IRL friends/family are tired of me talking about this stuff all the time.. lol

My Inspirations

  • To Look and Feel Healthy again
  • My Family
  • Becoming an Instagram Model... lol
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