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About Me:

I'm 48 going on 49 in May of this year. I'm 6ft tall and pretty huge. Been huge for a great part of my adult life (500lb+ at one point). In fact I always thought I was huge, but looking back at pictures in high school, I was clearly healthy and strong. I also remember always being shy about taking my shirt off at the beach. So I undoubtedly have some issues related to some childhood trauma growing up.

In my mid to late 20's I actually did do a full body recompositing losing excess of 200lb and putting on a lot of muscle. So I know anything is possible. Unfortunately, I told myself back then that if I ever put the weight on again, I'll just give up. So obviously when the weight came back on over 10 years or so, I was stubborn to put all my regrets and fears behind me to honestly give it another strong effort.

Thankfully I've been able to maintain my relative health throughout, and I'm still mobile. Strong like Bull! :)

Why I want to get in shape

I have my fiancé to thank in large part for bringing a lot of peace and tranquility to my life. We love each other, and we tell each other as much on a daily basis. There are very moments where any sort of argument occur and stress for the most part is not something we need to concern ourselves with anymore. As a result, I think we can both put more resources into each of our well being.

I feel great, she feels great... And we both want to live and enjoy life as much as possible. On top of all that, we were supposed to get married in September of 2020. Covid, completely put a stop to that, in fact we don't even think it will occur this year. So it's a good an opportunity to slim down as any.

My Inspirations

  • My inner happyness.
  • My family.
  • And a long healthy life, with my future Wife.


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