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On the morning of January 25, 2016, my weight was 272.4.
This is my next effort to exercise and lose weight.

On the morning of May 21, 2017, my weight was 170.0. This marks the top line of my goal range. It is awesome.

October 16, 2017 This morning I checked-in at 180.6. There's nothing really wrong with weighing 180. My doctor even recommends that this be my maintenance level. However you can see it's 10 lb more than I weighed in May, and 15 more than I weighed in July. For each of the weeks since I logged a weight of 165, I've experienced at least one day of uncontrolled over-eating. Most recently, I did this on Saturday. I'll stay in my calorie budget for a few days and lose a few more pounds of salt water, then find that my excess eating has left another fraction of a pound of fat on me. This is either a physiological issue or a psychological issue. I don't yet know which front to fight on. With that uncertainty, I'm guessing at the way forward. I know the problem. I know many methods of overcoming that problem. Deploying those methods quickly and appropriately is what I'm trying to figure out now.

Why I want to get in shape

My doctor says my HDL is low and I need to lose weight and exercise and eat more fiber to bring it up.
On January 23 my HDL # was 34. On April 23 my HDL # was 39. The goal is to get an HDL # of 40, so the weight loss and the exercise has indeed made improvement. The more important indicator of blood lipid wellness is the ratio of total cholesterol/HDL, which in my case is now 4.384. My doctor calls it 4.4
August 13, 2016 my HDL is 32, that's a decline. My total cholesterol is 148 and my ratio is 3.26.

November 8, 2017: Total Cholesterol 159, HDL 53. LDL/HDL ratio 3.26. Triglycerides 44. That all appears to be good.

April 22, 2019: Pulse 78, BP 106/69
April 22, 2019 type B+ total Cholesterol 216

June 26, 2019 pulse 66 BP 103/66

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