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27 years old
London, ON
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":D lets do this"

About Me:

Hi im Jayde im 23 from London ONT.

Started at 5 ft 3 235 pounds on may 6th 2016.

I really liked myself at 180 pounds as my first big goal-EDIT i have hit this :)-

Next goal is 160 ^_^! -Hit this to :p Guess on the road to 150!

Current- 150- I hit my 150 :D

Final goal will be between 135-140 im thinking. Lets see shall we :)

Currently 142- Looking like my final end goal will be 125-130 or so- Id like to have 5 pounds to regain once i begin eating more. For now im slowing my loss to try and give my skin time to tighten up before losing to fast.

End of may im 135, I like food so slowing down alot :p I hover between 130-135

Nov 15- Hover between 125-130 not eating anymore but noticing ALOT of bloating off very little of all foods. Should probably talk to my doc and see if i can fix this, Otherwise not trying to actively lose just not gain.

jan 25-2018- begining strong curves. Got my gym membership im currently 125 going to struggle to eat more and see my weight creep up but ill do my best!!

Why I want to get in shape

Feel better about myself in general and improve my mood and mindset.

My Inspirations

  • Cute clothes
  • I used to be pretty sexy I want it back XD !
  • Get more energy


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