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"Be Unicorn Strong!"

About Me:

Living my thirties, and miss the confidence I used to have. I have three cats and a desk job. I love D&D, the beauty of hikes, Geocaching, writing, reading, painting and having a blast with life.

Please don't solicit me for buying/selling anything- I'm not interested. I just want to have community so we can cheer each other on and get healthy.

I've been up and down, currently on the 'up', and working on the 'down'.

I will strive for 135, my high school weight, because why not? Ultimately though, I want to be strong and healthy, not just skinny.

Why I want to get in shape

The feeling of being healthy, lovely, and able to wear whatever you want is something I miss. I'm very interested in trying a bunch of new things like Color Runs or mountain climbing!

I hate the feeling of being ill-fit in life, clothes, my own skin.

My Inspirations

  • Overall Happiness
  • Feel good naked
  • Expanding my Activities
  • Eventually be a MILF


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