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About Me:

I'm a 5' 5" tall 30-year-old lady who is sick and tired of being heavy! I have been heavy for most of my life since elementary school. There was a brief period of time (1-2 years) in high school where I was at the upper end of a normal weight range, but other than that I've always been the larger girl.

My highest weight was somewhere around 260 lbs, size 20 pant/dress size, 3x top size. It was probably a few pounds higher than that, but I stopped paying attention to the scale. I started losing weight somewhere around October 2014, but was never super motivated. I had lost about 35-40 lbs after about 1.5 years, but was frustrated that I didn't really look or feel different, and was wearing all of the same clothes.

All of a sudden something seemed to click around March/April 2016 and I've been really motivated. I decided enough was enough, and there's no reason I can't live the life I've always wanted to live. I was tired of being overlooked and invisible- I knew I was worth it, but I wanted to show that to others. I anticipate bumps along the way, but My Fitness Pal has been a tremendous help!

6/25/2016- I finally made it below 200 lbs. I wasn't sure I'd ever see the day, but I am so thrilled. I thank my past self for getting started and sticking with it through all of the bumps in the road. There's something really emotional about taking your life back and choosing to love yourself and take care of yourself. I am so worth it, and I can't wait to see what the future holds, because I know I can do this!

9/24/2016- Almost exactly 3 months later, I hit 179 lbs and am considered overweight and no longer obese!! I have to admit, some days it's hard to see/feel the changes because I see myself every day, but I'm amazed when I look back at where I was. I'm always looking forward to the next goal. Can't stop me now!

3/4/19- There was a few year gap since I last was active on these forums, but guess what?? I'm still the same weight as when I left off! Lots of major life happenings took place and I struggled for a while to continue to lose, but I'm ready to get started again. Slowly but surely I'll win this race!

Why I want to get in shape

First and foremost, I don't ever want to feel like I can't do something anymore because of my weight. I'm tired of it holding me back.
I'd be lying if I said a lot of my reasons weren't for vanity's sake (I love cute clothes!), but mostly I want to show people the person I know I really am.

My Inspirations

  • I no longer want to be invisible
  • I no longer want things to be more difficult because of my size
  • Cute clothes ;)
  • I want to be the person I know I am and can be, and to love myself


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