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"Taking my body and life back one day at a time. "

About Me:

Accepting friend requests from hikers at this time so that I can better transition my thinking from food toward fitness. Thanks!

I'm Jen. I live on the coast of Maine with my husband, 2 teen boys, and 2 kitties. I love to read: sci-fi/fantasy mostly, but also some mysteries and other fiction. I enjoy TV/Films in the same genres. I am a Special Education para professional and former cheerleading coach.

When I started at MFP, I was 43 and had well over 100lbs to lose. Again. Last time I was a nursing mom pushing two kids in a double stroller, with my Mom supporting me with her Weight Watchers know-how. I had none of that this time around to help me, most particularly my parents, who passed away in the last 10 years. :^( (Although after several successful months on MFP, hubby joined too, so we are sharing the same healthy lifestyle changes and supporting each other.)

I've struggled with binge eating since I was young, bulimia during my teens and early 20s. Tried Overeaters Anonymous as a kid, unofficially did the WW thing, etc etc. It always seems to come back to compulsive behavior, not maintaining my commitment to logging my food /sticking with the eating plan, and turning into a slug on the couch. (I have bipolar and anxiety which make things a little more difficult.)

Why I want to get in shape

1) To live long enough to finish raising my boys. (They are teens now, so getting closer on this one.)

2) To live long enough to meet my grandchildren. (No pressure, guys!)

3) So I will never fall through another camp chair. :^( (In public and requiring 3 or 4 people to get me out. So far, so good!)

4) So it's easier and less embarrassing to get up from the floor. (Easier weight-wise, but still need to build more strength.)

5) Because 300lbs got wayyy too close. Ditto size 5X. (In 8s and some 6s now. Old apron and spare tire are in the way of size 4. Ditto saddlebags and bat wings.)

6) To get off of some of these meds. (Off the blood pressure ones, but still on statins.)

7) So I will feel better, and feel better about myself! (I do, but the compulsive eating, bingeing, and food/exercise obsession are still painfully prevalent in my life.)

8) So I can maybe go on a hike with hubby if he slows down. (Have been doing this for a while now. Even done some solo hiking. 10.5 miles is my new record. Can also hike multiple days in a row, and can haul a 30lb pack on my back on flat terrain. Uphill is the next goal!)

9) Because living life sitting in front of a TV or computer is no life at all. (So instead I walk up and down my hall with my phone in my hands. Slight improvement, I guess.)

10) So I can run faster than the zombies! (Osteoarthritis says the zombies are gonna eat well. :^( )

SW: 262lbs, 5'2.5" 7/14?/14
-25lbs 9/29/14
-50lbs 1/08/15
-75lbs 4/12/15
-Moved from obese to overweight BMI: 7/1/15
-100lbs 7/2/15
-115lbs 9/13/15
-120lbs 11/25/15
Healthy BMI: 12/19/15
Goal Weight #1: 1/7/16 (140lbs)
Goal Weight #2: 12/17/16 (125lbs)
Goal Weight #3: 8/01/17 (120lbs, but need to gain

Weight graphs and updated pics:

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  • My parents are both gone now, but I can feel them cheering me on.


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