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"Enough is a enough! Time to [stay] fit and [stay] healthy!"

About Me:

Mom, Wife, Teacher! Jersey girl, 39-year-old, mother of 2 amazing little boys, and wife of 20 years, and teacher of special needs middle-schoolers.

Why I want to get in shape

"This is the first time I'm actually putting any real effort into being healthy. Until I turned 30, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. Now I'm at 32% body fat and facing some new medical issues. Now the doctor says lose at least 20 lbs, but 30 would be better. I hated the way I was feeling, so now I have to follow doctors orders. I find I am pretty motivated, and liking what I see in the mirror when I'm done is a huge bonus."

This was me then, Jan. 2012. My how things have changed. By traveling this road, I've lost 16 pounds, nowhere near the 30 desired, but here's the caveat, I'M HEALTHY!!! In addition to the 16 lbs, I've lost 10%BF, and 22 inches off various areas of my body. Most proud of the 14 inches of my Butt alone ;) This also lead to my losing 4, count them 4, pant sizes. I went from a size 14 to a size 6. SIZE 6!!! I love what I see in the mirror a little more every day. My hypoglycemia is under control thanks to eating at 40/30/30. I'm eating more, not less and maintaining beautifully. The scale holds no meaning for me because I'm healthy!!

UPDATE 2018: Life has a way of getting in the way. I'm back up 15lbs and back to feeling like crap, because that's what happens when you fall off the wagon. Today is day one. I'm starting over. Every day is a new personal best.

My Inspirations

  • Being healthy!
  • Having the energy to do everything I need to do.
  • Liking how I look in my clothes.
  • Inspiring my husband ;)


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