May 17, 2021

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Fresh Raspberry - Red Raspberry, 0.75 cup 48 11g 1g 1g 0mg 1mg 4g 6g
Chobani - Greek Yogurt, Plain, Fat Free, 1 cup 120 9g 0g 22g 10mg 85mg 6g 0g
Mct oil - Mct oil, 1 tablespoon 100 0g 11g 0g --mg --mg 0g 0g
Egg Yolk - Egg - Yolk only, 2 yolk 110 1g 9g 5g 368mg 16mg 0g 0g
Kirkland's Blueberries - Blueberries, 0.75 cup 80 19g 0g 1g 0mg 10mg 13g 4g
Egg Whites - Egg Whites(3 Egg Whites), 6 fluid ounce 95 2g 0g 20g 0mg 240mg 0g 0g
Oats - Dry***, 30 g 119 20g 2g 5g 0mg 1mg --g 3g
Fish - Pollack, 4 ounce 91 0g 1g 20g 74mg 408mg 0g 0g
Brown rice - Brown Whole Grain Rice, 3.5 fluid ounce 66 14g 0g 1g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Broccoli, raw, 1 cup chopped 31 6g 0g 3g 0mg 30mg 2g 2g
Perdue - 99% Fatfree Ground Turkey, 0.25 lb(s) 120 0g 2g 27g 65mg 55mg 0g 0g
Almonds, 28 almond 195 7g 17g 7g 0mg 0mg 1g 4g
Broccoli, raw, 1 cup chopped 31 6g 0g 3g 0mg 30mg 2g 2g
Kirkland - Almond Butter, 1 Tbs 105 4g 9g 3g 0mg 0mg 1g 2g
Combat Protein Powder - Protein Powder Cookies and Cream, 1 scoop 140 5g 2g 25g 45mg 100mg 2g 1g
TOTAL: 1,451 104g 54g 143g 562mg 976mg 31g 24g

Food Notes

I didn't think about the 2pm meal until 3:30pm. I don't usually miss meals, but if I do, its the 2pm meal.

Water: 132oz

Exercises Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Strength training (weight lifting, weight training) 176 50  
TOTALS: 176 50 0 0 0