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Now that I've been back on MFP for a few weeks, familiar patterns are emerging.

Weighing chicken breast. Weighing everything. Medium peach or small peach? 

Counting the slices in a pound of deli cheese.

Dirtying up all of my measuring spoons every day.

Reading the forums more than Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram put together (even the cake decorating videos, which I love).

I haven't crushed candy in a week!

Walking walking walking. Finding an awesome song to add to the playlist.

Calculating and recalculating. Logging before chewing. 

Thinking about food more than ever but differently.

Planning better.

Realizing that treats are okay if they are not in every meal every day. 

Feeling like I have a big secret because of the amount of work I'm doing right now, but which doesn't show yet on my body. 

I know that this is the MFP honeymoon. I need to stick around for the marriage, so I can have lots of anniversaries!  

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HeatherdeMontespan escreveu 10 meses atrás:
I love that last paragraph and sticking around for the marriage! So true! What a great way to look at it.

I don't measure so much, that would drive me nuts. I mean, I measure carbs (rice, pasta) but not meat or vegetables or fruit. And if I have to choose the size it's almost always a small or medium. I mean, how much difference can there really be, you know?

Way to stay focused! We'll both work on sticking around for the marriage!
rundgrenrocks escreveu 10 meses atrás:
Yes, I think it's the (former) math teacher in me that gets so into the numbers! And I really tend to underestimate things -- hopefully I am retraining my eyes along with my stomach!
Mike1804 escreveu 7 meses atrás:
I've used MFP on and off for a few years and it never ceases to amaze me how at I look at portions over time. Without using it, my portions slowly get distorted by getting bigger and bigger. I measured out my favorite vanilla creamer for my coffee the other morning - one serving is a tablespoon? really? No wonder I go through so much creamer! I had started using more and more over the years. Before you know it, I'm using 1/8 cup without even knowing it.
About 4 years ago I using MFP with the assistance of a personal trainer and I lost 30 lbs. So I'm proof definitely works when you use it and stay focused on daily goals. Stick with it :)
jaimydude escreveu 7 meses atrás:
Love it! Proud of you!
PamRoman61 escreveu 7 meses atrás:
This is indeed a good obsession!

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