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  • Don't Stop Me Now

    I'm not losing much weight lately so I am looking for NSVs (non scale victories). Smaller measurements and better-fitting clothes are nice little wins that keep me going, but I had a really good one yesterday.Two years ago, my older daughter and I sp...

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  • Fat fingers

     I CAN TAKE OFF MY WEDDING RING! I haven't been able to take off my wedding ring since I got married 4 1/2 years ago.  I gained weight right after getting married thanks to a glorious honeymoon on a Mediterrannean  cruise (Venice, Croatia, Greece, Tu...

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  • Ten Years And Counting

    Ten years ago this month I sat in my doctor’s office listening to him recite a list of medications I needed to take and lifestyle changes that I would need to make as a result of my being overweight and out of shape.  My eyes glazed over and I tuned ...

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  • Goodbye March, Hello April!

    Goodbye March, Hello April!  March was a month of highs and lows.   I think it was a turning point for me really.  I hit the motivation level where I normally quit a health plan…only this time I didn’t quit, I kept at it and finished strong this mont...

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  • My Mental Arnold Voice

    One pleasant side effect I've discovered from implementing a healthier lifestyle is the feeling of POWER I have when I'm making right choices.   It is a surge of self confidence and "YES I CAN" feelings whenever a good choice is made - even tiny ones...

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  • Return of the Puffy Princess (aka "Beatch, give me back my rings!)

    Well... she's back.  She breezed in on Tuesday and made her royal presence known.  *sigh*  First, the rings got tight... then they had to be moved to alternate fingers... and last night I just took them off. I got married in 1989 - when I was 24 year...

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  • Last night I danced!

    When I was a small girl I never walked. I ran and jumped through my little world, I spread my arms and whirled around, danced to music only I could hear. Sitting still was hard on me, there was so much to see and so much to do. Why didn't adults unde...

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  • Winding Down

    I can hardly believe that we have been away from home for nearly four months.  In some ways it seems like only yesterday and in other ways it seems like we've been here forever!  I must admit I'm looking forward to getting back home and seeing friend...

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  • The Yays and Boos - back above 180.

    Ugh.  The scale showed just above 180 again.The barrier number of doom strikes again!  I wish my scale could talk sometimes.  I could use a pep talk or stern talking to from it now and then....  My weekend was a mix of good choices and bad.  I imagin...

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  • Oops!...I Did It Again

    A bit of navel-gazing...Last week, I was feeling pretty good about my blog post. I literally typed as I thought, so my 'breakthrough' discovery was recorded in real-time. Even better, it seemed to have hit a nerve with several other MFPers who left i...

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  • That inner naughty voice needs to shut up.

     I gained a bit from my St. Patrick's festivities.  So beating that 180 number is still just barely out of my reach.  I've felt like I've hit a little bit of a wall with sticking to healthy choices and habits.  The last week or so, my inner naughty v...

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  • But it was my BIRTHDAY!

    Tuesday was my birthday.  We all have them . . . unfortuantely I don't handle them well.  It's not that I'm getting older . . . I'd much prefer aging to the alternative.  The problem is I enjoy having an excuse to celebrate!  I've been doing so well ...

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  • He is doing it for me

    My husband doesn't know anything about nutrition or "diets" because he doesn't have to -his weight doesn't change much. During the holidays he gains about 5 pounds, and he loses them quickly right afterward -effortless, so it seems. He would still fi...

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  • I Really Wanted to Give Up, I Have Before

    As the London Marathon draws closer, it has become a bit of a stress. I broke my leg in October and missed 9 weeks of training during prime running weather. I gained 12 pounds. By the time I got running again, it seemed that we have had snow storm af...

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  • Sometimes I hurt

    It happens, some days I get up and right when my feet hit the ground, I can feel the pain. That's the magic about RA and all the other autoimmune disorders. They come in flares and take you by surprise. Invisible diseases -we look normal, and nobody ...

    Postado em 15/03/2018 por The_Movie_Chair | 23 Comentars

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  • The need for friends . . .

    Two days ago was my first "hard day" since I started eating whole foods/plant based (WFPB) . . . which isn't bad since I've been at it for about a month now.  Overall I have found it amazingy easy.  Apparently I didn't really care that much about mea...

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  • I Almost Didn't Make It

    I still can't believe it was me. I look back on some family photos from 00s. Wow, I was nearly 300 pounds! (pics in profile) I didn't mean to get there. I was a skinny kid and I was a skinny adult until I was 43. Then it began. It happened when I was...

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  • Don't You Ever Learn?

    Several people on my MFP feed have been posting lately that they have overeaten, feel physically bad about it, and resolved to remember that bad feeling so they can prevent doing it again.   I seem to be missing this crucial sensitivity!    My mother...

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  • I am the miracle - we all are!

    I sat down in one of the chairs in front of the pharmacy and waited for my prescription. I didn't feel like shopping, just sat there and felt sorry for myself, the way we do when we have a cold -coughing and sneezing, ready to go to bed but forced to...

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  • Let it go

    Sometimes being a working parent of little ones is just so *kitten* hard. When I don't get home until 5:30-ish, I have such a tiny window to live my life outside of work on a weekday. I just have to take the advice of Princess Elsa and "Let it go"  (...

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