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Update - Mind over Matter

For those who haven’t read one of my previous posts – Mind over matter, I urge you to go over and give it a look. I also urge you to go through the comments. Plenty of earnest people there who’re inspiring to me with their stories of both strife and success. 


So – No soaring platitudes here. Just the plain old truth and how C25K has gone since that post. In that last post, I was Starting Week 4 - was scared of running 5 whole minutes and then ecstatic about having done it despite my reservations and fears. 

The rest of Week 4 was more of the same. Presumably to get me used to running 5’s more easily. I kind of got used to the duration. I noticed that in time I would automatically get into a rhythm. I would sort of be whupped by the end of each workout but still upbeat and proud of myself. The 5-minute stretches became – normal!

Next came week 5. Day 1 – mostly 5s. Day 2 – Two 8s… ahem .. ok! Day 3 – 20 minutes!! 

Obviously, Day 1 was a breeze. It was 3 5s interspersed with walking. 

Day 2 had 2 stretches of 8 minutes. This was new to me but I was confident after how the 5s worked out. I did great. It was a bit of a stretch, I did ‘feel’ the run but I got there in the end. This time I wasn’t surprised or overly joyed. I just nodded to myself – “Yeah, I thought I might be able to do this and I did Good!”

Then it was came the big one! The 20! Warm up with 5 minutes walking and then run 20! 

Now this is a whole new ball game. 5s and 8s are manageable because it’s about as long as a song and a half. You figure even if you’re tired by the 5 min mark you can huff and puff your way to 8. But 20 – there’s no escaping anything. It’s just running! All running! I was fairly confident. I asked around for tips. Some thought I may be too confident and that I should be realistic. Others said to do my best and again – it’s ok to repeat weeks. 

I wouldn’t have bet money on it and I didn’t know how I would do but I really thought I could do it. Based on my initial trepidation with the first 5 and the first 8 and how I surprised myself with both of them, I had no reason to think I couldn’t do the 20. So I would assume that I could, until I was proven wrong.

I had my music ready, stretched, got done with my warm up and set off on the treadmill. Speed – 4.5 mph, incline 2 (So I could back that off to 1 or 0 later if I needed to lighten the ‘load’). After the first 2-3 minutes I felt the usual – ‘Boy! Can I do this?’ Kind of questions in my mind. I ignored them and tried to focus on my breathing, the songs and the TV screen up top –whatever kept my mind at ease and relaxed.  At one point I started to feel myself a bit and my breathing got a little labored. As you know, I don’t usually look at the clock winding down but I was changing songs and my eyes inadvertently fell on the timer and it read 14 minutes done. For a brief second I was excited but then I realized that included the 5-minute walk so I had only run 9 minutes :) . I really started wanting to stop. I felt breathless, tired and uncomfortable. 

That’s when I did a quick ‘Body Scan’. Do my feet hurt? No! Do my calves, knees or hips hurt? No! Does my back hurt? No! Breathing? Heavy but rhythmic. So I told myself – it’s not my body! My body can take it. I just need to train my mind to be ok with this kind / level of activity. I kept at it, focusing on breathing and footwork till I heard the app lady‘s voice ‘1 minute left’. I started smiling (I have a great smile! My mom even said so). I increased the speed to 5.5 mph and finished my first 20-minute run! 

I don’t know what’s in store for me but I am excited for the future. I like how I feel. I like the confidence I have of taking something on regardless of what my mind thinks I can or should do. I see the rest of the days in the C25K weeks left and I don’t see anything that scares me!

I want to be clear. I’m not asking you to go out and run 20 minutes. I’m telling you what I did and am asking you to maybe venture out of your comfort zone. Explore your body’s limits, and not your mind’s. Your mind has been conditioned for years to keep you comfortable. To watch out for you. To keep you out of stress. 

Maybe it’s time to free yourself. To turn nervousness into excitement! To find out where the edge is, rather than assume it is somewhere! 

Whatever you’re doing, go out there and do your best! And enjoy it! I just did and it feels Fantastic!

PS: Special thanks to Sarah and Elisa. Thanks for the support. Part of making it to the end was not wanting to let you down!

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Anonymous escreveu 9 meses atrás:
This is AMAZING! crazy proud of your accomplishment bc this is major! I’m so glad that you have pushed yourself hard and you have been so successful. I think the best part about this is the mental piece bc you have just now opened so many doors for yourself! Congrats!! Cannot wait until we’re doing 5ks together!! 💪💪👏👏
GettingFit5551 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
<3 So proud of you Jaimy!
DaveJ_43 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
Congrats, JD. Good for you! Keep it BROing!
Knoxvilla5 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
Have you double-checked that hyper-link? For some reason it just comes up "Page Not Found" when I click it. Probably just unlucky.
Aplant77 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
GREAT job! You are an inspiration to all of us who are also trying to improve our fitness slowly but surely!
jaimydude escreveu 9 meses atrás:
Link fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. This editor isn't really very intuitive or easy to work with.
Birdieeez escreveu 9 meses atrás:
It really is mind over matter with so many things in life. I’m so proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone. And I’m happy we are friends here too. 🌺
medespoir escreveu 9 meses atrás:
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stormlover757 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
Happy New year
PamRoman61 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
yes yes yes yes yesss!!!!
mamayak11 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
Wow! Very motivating! congrats!
It is so true - our minds are so powerful - good and bad. It is so hard to get that "mojo" back once it feels like its been lost. This is the boat I have been in for the past 3.5 years. It is really hard... thank you for sharing your story ..
made247365 escreveu 9 meses atrás:
Its funny how our brain works against us sometimes. But you are on to a powerful key that with the right will power and dedication you can convince your mind to keep pushing the boundaries of what you did the day before. Day after day you get better. I've also found that feeding yourself the right fuel helps. And make sure your habits are congruent to your life style you want. Recently I started a detox. The results have been amazing! If your interested check it out...

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