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For Those Who are Struggling...

I have many friends having a rough time right now.
Take this to heart: 
You have to remind yourself: why you are doing this? 
Does it take sacrifice that seems unfair? Yes.
Is it easy? No. But it IS possible.
Is it worth it? In my experience, 1,000 times YES.

The saying goes: Whether you say you can or you can't, you are right. 
So, say you CAN. And DO!
Do or do not. There is no "try." Says a fictional sci-fi character. Well, he's right.
The bad news is that the only person who can do this is you.
The good news is that you CAN. You have that power. You are the one in control. And you have to be resolute, and stubborn,  and all "nose to the grindstone" consistently over time.
Difficult? Sure. 
Is life going to get in your way? LOL! When DOESN'T it?
But again, is it worth it? YES!
You just have to out-stubborn and out-wit your inner food-demon.

You keep coming back despite slip-ups and blunders. And that's not nothing! It's amazing fortitude. You only fail if you quit for good. I know it's tiring fighting all the time. Trust me; I DO know. But YOU ARE WORTH IT. 
You hear that?
You. Are. Worth. It.
So do the thing. Every day.
You can.
DO it.
No guilt, but no excuses.
I lurve your faces, all.
Have a fabulous, on-plan weekend. ;-) 

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13 comentars:

KetoGirl_ZC escreveu 12 meses atrás:
Thank you. I needed this. <3
angmar56 escreveu 12 meses atrás:
Excellent motivation! Thanks so much for putting things in perspective. ❤️🥓
SuperCarLori escreveu 12 meses atrás:
You da bomb. 💗💗💗

christineellis escreveu 12 meses atrás:
Great timing, considering I fell off the wagon - again - and am back here - again. There is a saying about insanity that comes to mind. Doing the same thing over and over again, but hoping for a different result. Insanity or endless optimism? :)
made247365 escreveu 6 meses atrás:
The most important thing ive learned on my journey to get healthier is never giving up! And those mental thoughts are absolutely correct! think postive. great article. And if you are looking for a little boost check out a great new detox drink i've been enjoying..
Zoey2715 escreveu 6 meses atrás:
Thanks for the reminder!
angelicabit escreveu 6 meses atrás:
Thank you!
deetrabrown escreveu 6 meses atrás:
I appreciate this post, thank you!
aewalk07 escreveu 6 meses atrás:
Thank you for the encouragement!
bremm2015 escreveu 6 meses atrás:
Thank you for this excellent post. I have been yo yo dieting for 40 years, but 10 days ago I said this is the year I will reach my target and never again overeat carbs, the only way for me to lose lbs. I set myself a target of 1 lb a week till I reach 8 stones which I have targeted for 14 July. (I am only 5ft tall, and weighed 7 stones at age 21).
I have a mantra which I say to myself when thoughts of having something extra invade my brain and is has worked without fail.
I made it up from 1 + 8 +14 = 23 thus 2 + 3 = 5, so I say 5 and I have kept strictly to my eating plan, which has resulted in a loss of 2 lbs. in 10 days so on target. Have a. great day everyone.
viviankessler escreveu 6 meses atrás:
Encouraging words! I am a compulsive overeater. I eat when I am not hungry. I work till 10:15 PM. That is when I really eat. I lost 38 lbs. only to gain 15. I was feeling good about myself. Now I am not.
ketascott25 escreveu 6 meses atrás:
Thank you for this excellent/Encouraging post
Perfectlyflawed85 escreveu 6 meses atrás:
encouraging, inspirational... need to see this today! love, love, love!

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