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"One day at a time, each meal is a new start."

About Me:

I struggled with my weight for years. I tried so many of the diets out there. They all seem to work for a short time, but then I get stuck and gave up and gained the weight back...
My highest weight, around April 2010, was 304 pounds. I was unhappy, but didn't realize it.

Through HFLC/Keto & Paleo (switching between the two) I managed to lose 130 lbs. Which I maintained for about 4 years... Until a divorce & a move to a new area whacked out my eating/drinking/exercising. Unfortunately, I gained back about 50 of that. *sigh*

So, back on the wagon of watching what I eat and trying to get everything back under control.

Currently following a gluten-free life with 16:8 IF.

Why I want to get in shape

Feel better, look better, stay active!

Let's be honest here - to look good for Instagram! :D

My Inspirations

  • Feeling good - keeping my Fibro in check
  • Being around & healthy for a long time for my partners and friends
  • Looking great in those little black dresses & all my costumes!


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