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Kentwood, MI
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"Kicked my weight to the curb."

About Me:

I decided to edit my weight from where I really started. I wish I had one off my old pic's from the 300+ days that I could post. Did find my old license.

Did the yo-yo dieting forever and now have found what works. MFP. 2nd shift welder who has reached her goal and intend to stay put. Love to paint, knit and sew. Slightly crazy and happy that I am!

New add, Just found out am diabetic. Was hypoglycemic and went the other way. Plus found out I have high blood pressure. That is genetic. Happens to everyone in family after age 50. The diabetes is what my Doctor termed "post whipple induced" meaning the surgery to remove the tumor in panaceas messed me up. On new meds and starting to feel like me again.

Why I want to get in shape

I wanted and still intend to be not feeling like an old woman ready to curl up and veg out. Still have a few good years left in me! I love the fact I can shop in "normal" stores and look decent in what I wear.

My Inspirations

  • My Husband. He lost his weight and has not gained any back.
  • Finding an old picture at 300+ and NOT wanting to go there again!
  • Getting and keeping my blood pressure and diabetes under control'


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