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"Change is never led by consensus"

About Me:

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My dietary lifestyle is Ketogenic.

This article pretty much sums up my nutritional views:

I am against Low Fat Diets and anything labeled low fat or fat free, in any capacity.

I am against sugar, in all forms (yes including "oh but it's natural" fruit. Fruit is for those who are not metabolically damaged. If you have excess weight in your belly, then you're metabolically damaged. Stop eating fruit.).

Bread and grains lead to neurological problems, in addition to causing metabolic diseases, and thus I am against all forms of bread and grain.

I am against trickery labeling on food and am in favor of regulations in how we advertise.
-For example, a packet of Mayo will say "high in Omega 3!" because everyone thinks they need more omega 3. Yes, we need more omega 3, but more importantly the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is what you have to improve (it should be close to a 1:1 ratio). That mayo packet that says "high in omega 3" is actually 10x higher in Omega 6, so you're already eating 10x more than you should of Omega 6, thus defeating the purpose.

I am against manufactured vegetable oils, mostly soyboil oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and the like. Just eat butter...

You cannot exercise off a bad diet.

Breakfast isn't actually necessary. Nor is "6 small meals a day." Breakfast is not magical and grazing is not natural. We are not manatees and don't actually have to eat all day.

I am in favor of eating in a way that reduces insulin resistance, by making it so insulin is not constantly produced in your body 24/7 (your body needs a break to heal). Ketogenic + Intermittent fasting is the best way to do this.

No, saturated fat does not clog your arteries. Sugar does. If you think otherwise it's because you're looking at outdated information based on a shitty theory by Ancel Keys. He has since been proven wrong over and over again. Mainstream just tries to hide this (follow the money).

I am against big-food and big-pharma who spend millions of dollars a year making sure we think a low fat diet is good for us (and by default that means you're taking in more sugar). You'd be surprised at how much the corn and soy industry make. They want to make sure you're a repeat customer for life and will do anything to achieve that. Then once they get you sick enough, Big Pharma gets you and then you depend on pills forever, by continuing to eat the garbage that got you sick in the first place (sugar, bread, soybean oil, processed poo).

Most importantly I am against people who blindly argue against Ketogenic diets without taking the time to fully understand them because they take what they currently know about nutrition as straight dogma. Following the standard american dietary guidelines in the past 40 years has only made us fatter. Open your mind to new information, and maybe you'll find a better way of living.

Why I want to get in shape

To inspire those around me by showing them what can be achieved through a Ketogenic lifestyle.

The ketogenic lifestyle can heal or improve so many issues, such as metabolic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, heart disease, Alzheimer's, neurological problems, ADHD, joint pain, depression, PCOS, and much more. The best part to healing is that weight loss is actually just a natural side effect. Your body wants to be healthy, you just have to fuel it correctly by throwing out the bad advice given by the american food guidelines.

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