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What a Let Down

I like to save calories for a sweet treat at the end of the day, like chocolate, candy, or something I've recently baked.

So today I was really looking forward to the cordial cherries and cordial blueberries (new to me) that I bought today, because they were very Christmassy candies and big treats in our family growing up. 

And...they were just okay. Really way too sweet. This keeps happening. Is it because things are being made more cheaply and with less quality these days, or are my taste buds changing?

Lately, I find myself thinking crazy things like, "Gosh, I wish I could get a super juicy fresh peach in December", and looking forward to making a salad with whatever new green thing my CSA delivery brings on Wednesdays. 

I still love pizza and fried chicken and ice cream and Chinese food, but I'm turning into a candy snob. I mean, I used to eat my kid's Fun Dip from their Halloween bags. Pretty much the grossest candy of all time. I can't even imagine that now without my stomach turning a little bit.

Am I just getting old, or turning healthy?  


---if there's a short cut, I'd have found it

but there's no easy way around it---

Todd Rundgren, "Love is the Answer"  




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texteach66 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I can't answer that, but I can say I'm also pretty much a snob about candy. It has to be good stuff. As a teacher I get a lot of Palmer and Elmer chocolate. Uh, no, totally not worth it.
missKmorgan ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
You know the Dove Promises? Bite size, smooth chocolate.... I stick the whole bag in the freezer and once a day, usually after lunch, I treat myself to one frozen chocolate. I'd rather have that one bite of smooth, creamy chocolate than a whole bar of other chocolates. I'm not sure if this is considered cheating but it is my little guilty pleasure. ;)
PamRoman61 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Yes your taste buds are changing, AND stuff is being made more cheaply these days too. :)
sanish44 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
From your diary logs, your taste buds are changing! I don't think that's a bad thing, either! Look back a few months, weeks of your diary; you've tried new fresh foods - vegetables and you've enjoyed them. Dare I say more than the sugar/candy stuff.

To me sugary treats are a temporary euphoria - endorphin release, that seems to go directly to my hips ;-)

I know for me, I don't want to waste my calories. Cheat days are how I got here! My life was a cheat day - everyday. Now, I'd rather eat foods that will sustain me. That will cause my metabolism to burn calories, rather than store carbs which ultimately turn into stored fat. (just a thought)
KANGOOJUMPS ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I got some of those cherries too, I will get a more expensive kind next time. mine were crap.
janelleu1 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I can totally relate. My tastes are changing. As a wise man(Ted) said, 'strawberries are sweet and delicious until you eat snickers bars instead for a while, then the natural God given treat of a strawberry is no longer appatizing' I think we've said no to the snickers bar long enough that were seeing the beauty of the strawberry.
ShiningLion ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I never liked those cordials. All that sugary syrup is waaaay too sweet and is just gross to me. If you like the concept but want something slightly less sweet, I suggest Little Debbie Cherry Cordials. They are only available this time of year. It's two soft cookies with a cherry flavored cream filling, all dipped in fudge. Basically the same flavors but none of the liquid sugar-syrup goo. Not that these are healthy, but I recently bought a box to be my "special treat" sweet.
canadjineh ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I can say only one thing: Lindt 90% eaten with a glass of very good red (Merlot or Muscat is yummy).
Leave the crap 'chocolate' to the kids. ;)
paulmasson40 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
you can always try making your own sweet desserts. 1c of chow mein noodles(dry) and 1 cups of choc chips. melt chips, fold in noodles. Get a tsp or tbsp and make bite size snacks. Cool on parch or alum foil. Refrig or Freeze.As your taste buds continue changing, you will find one or two is more than enough. It's mostly "low cal" if you do it right, it'll get you over the hump, and it's minimal damage, IMO.
Keep Charging!
Raven_Hawk ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I think it is both. Cheap and nasty products and it isn't just manufactured food either. Fruit & veg are grown to look good, last longer but generally doesn't taste all that good.

Your taste buds have probably changed too. I am Type 1 diabetic so sweet foods are just not in my day. On the rare occasion I decide to have a little bite of something sweet, it just tastes over the top.

Same thing happens with salt. I don't set out to restrict my salt intake but because I eat primarily fresh produce, I find that processed foods are now too salty for me.
Teerai ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Definitely candy and junk food doesn’t taste as good as it used to. The food police took, salt, fat and flavor outta a bunch of stuff.
Makes walking by the candy isle easier when my instinct says oooh look a Twix or snickers and my brain says naw, it’s not what u remember. It’s just wax and crunch now.
cat77043 ha scritto 6 mesi fa:
I still think the cherry cordials are great! But I can remember thinking things were too sweet. I've not noticed any treats that were not as good as I remembered.

Late last year I decided not to eat desserts/cake/cookies/candy at all except for really special occasions. I cannot stop at one or two. So my motto is "No dessert ever."

Over the holidays I couldn't do it, but I'm back on track now.

Glad to hear you don't eat things that aren't seriously delicious. That's a great start.

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