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Well, Santa! What do you think?

In a few days, my husband will start panicking, and he will ask me what I want for Christmas. It's every year the same. He has no idea what to get me, mainly because I really don't want anything. I have everything I need, and we are fortunate enough to buy most of what we desire throughout the year. If it were up to me, we would stop buying Christmas presents altogether, but, whenever I mentioned it, nobody seems to hear me.

My husband will get the kids and friends involved, and soon they all will call, and I better come up with something, or they won't leave me alone. I thought about what I could wish for, and before I knew it, I had a Santa list that blew my mind.

The first thing that I wrote down was a Fitbit, what's funny because I don't know what it really does. Maybe a used one from eBay or an older model, just in case I won't understand it all. The fat lady wants a fitness bracelet, who would have thought?

A yoga mat would be great. One that's wider and thicker than the regular ones, so I can fit on it. I started a workout routine on the floor and I assume using a yoga mat could be more comfortable than a blanket. Who knows, I might get a wild hair and will look into yoga one day.

Wireless headphones for my tablet would be fabulous. I could watch a silly TV show during my torture sessions with the treadmill or listen to a book. Goodness, I might stop cursing and laugh instead.

Or maybe a gluten-free cookbook. This year a biopsy confirmed that I have Celiac disease and I am struggling a bit. And while we are at it, how about a Vegetarian or a Vegan cookbook?  I bet it could give me some new ideas for healthy side dishes.

The diet fairy gave me thumbs up, and I continued writing.

In just a few months from now, it will be spring again. Maybe I could get the old bike out, that's hidden in the very back of our shed. I always wanted to try one of these leash holders that you can attach to your bicycle, which keeps the dog at a safe distance and prevents human flying lessons at the same time.

More and more things came to my mind, and I wrote them all down.  A bigger water bottle to replace my old travel mug and last but not least headbands, because I am a sweaty mess, every time I work out.

To my surprise, everything I wish for this year is related to my new lifestyle.

Sometimes I still doubt myself, and I fear I might fall off this wagon everybody is talking about. But now, when I look at my Santa-List, I think I might be safe. My mindset is changing and perhaps that's my biggest accomplishment this year.

Now they can start calling, I am well prepared. 

73 pounds lost - 67 lbs to go.

So far, I have gained 2 pounds since I started to maintain. I am not panicking (yet.)

Happy Holidays to all of you! May the diet fairy bless us all next year!

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Rincewind_1965 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Would someone please come and wipe this mad grin from my face?

A Merry Christams to you and your family
skinnylady2014 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Excellent!! My first of several chuckles today!
sapphiretyger ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
This a great list; it is giving me some ideas!
grannywarbonnetts ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Maybe I'll write a wishlist. Thanks for the chuckle today.
Gardengal1222 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Happy Holidays to you as well. Thank you once again for your blog. This was just what I needed to cheer me up. You are amazing and will continue to succeed in your journey.
izzybelle2013 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Great list! I love my Garmin fitness bracelet. It keeps me moving for sure. You have done so very well, we are all so proud of you. Keep up the good work, have a Merry Christmas!
SiegfriedXXL ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I grinned like a fool through this entire post. What an encouragement you are. This is the mindset that will get us where we need to go.
teepuppylove ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I think the mindset is definitely a HUGE accomplishment! Bravo!

And don't worry about 2 lbs, you got this!

sdereski ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
CajunTess ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I love your list! Definitely go for the Fitbit! I love mine and we can be buddies :)
musicsax ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Yep, Fitbits give you the incentive to move more, I would not be without mine. What a great wish list, you are doing so well!
dena789 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I use a FirBit One which is an older model. Since I can't stand wearing a bracelet or watch, this Fitbit comes with a little clip-on to attach it to wherever you want. I put mine right in the center of my bra. No one ever notices it and it doesn't bother me there. It also comes with an armband to use at night to track sleep. All in all, it was a great $98 investment! It tracks steps, floors climbed and sleep so not quite as much as some of the new ones do but it's enough for me. Have a Merry Christmas!
ChelleDee07 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
73 pounds lost - 67 lbs to go. ~ That is an awesome accomplishment and you will continue to push forward until you reach your goal!

You've made lifestyle changes and that sticks!!

I am not very techie either, but I love my Fitbit and it isn't too hard to learn. I have the Fitbit Charge 2 and if something happened to it tonight, I'd have a new one somehow, someway tomorrow.

I am so proud of you for your achievement! You've done great! You will continue to do great! I know it!!
Hoppymom ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
YOu're over half way there! What a great list! Ou will enjoy christmas this year if they stick to your list. You can use these things every day.
LisaPrust ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
LOVE it! You are making fabulous lifestyle changes! Look at that list! I wish I could hug you tight and long in person and celebrate these changes you are making. You are giving a beautiful gift to every single person who loves you, in addition to your own sweet self! Merry Christmas!
Aplant77 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Love it! Enjoy your Christmas!
nacra258 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Your post made my day as well. Congratulations on all your success and may you continue to enjoy your new lifestyle changes throughout the new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
pizzafruit ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
You continue to impress and motivate. I've enjoyed and learned from every word you've written. Thank you so much.
I have the Fitbit HR and love it. It reminds you to move and not complicated to set up at all. I wish you continued success and health. Merry Christmas!!
Zyvi ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
The fitbit is pretty great for keeping track of steps. I find my wireless headphones invaluable though--I think I would have quit due to boredom a long while ago without them lol. I hope you get everything on your wishlist :D

Happy holidays :-)
angelasteele82 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Great list, i have a simple fitbit and love it, it tracks steps and sleep, i think its the fitbit flex, its water proof so i shower in it and just take it off like every 4 days to charge, wireless headphones are fantastic, i watch netflix on the treadmill, its the only way i can stay on for more than 5 minutes,
ggeise14 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Happy holidays! Amazon is a great spot to start your wish list. You can have public and private lists so it you do want a specific item/brand you want list it right there. I have a Fitbit Alta and appreciate the step count. It's a real reminder of my daily steps. My goal is 10,000 and I love it when it's 15K or more. It keeps me accountable on Sunday's when I might not be quite as active if I'm in my sewing room.
boehle ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I have a fitbit flex.
It is a very basic model and it helps me to keep moving through the day. I always want that little red dot to show that I moved enough during that hour.
They are pretty cheap, $80ish. Its not water proof but it does the trick.
cgsunshine123 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I was curious what your secret was to losing the weight. After I read the comments I realized it was your mindset. Thanks for sharing. Being positive is an effort and reading light hearted articles like yours is it.
MrsVerge ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I bought an awesome mat on amazon prime. It's 36"x84" - 3 feet by 7 feet! - and quite thick. I love love love it. Look it up, it's called "Yoga Accessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4'' Deluxe Yoga Mat" and it's $39.99CAD on the Canadian Amazon but I'm sure it's on the American one too. I've even used it for Buti Yoga and had no issues.

I'm 5'11", 206lbs, started yoga at 240lbs. The flexibility and strength I gained helped me continue with my fitness goals and really helped me get out of bed without pain in the morning. Definitely recommend you try. If you aren't comfortable at a studio, there are plenty of youtube videos for beginner yogis who may need modifications.
brightresolve ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Hubs and I decided to splurge on a rowing machine for Christmas which we will both use. I strongly suspect he also ordered me a workout shirt or two, having in the past totally equipped me with technical undergarments. If I persevere, I may soon fit back into the compression running tights he gave me last year. I love me some fitness nut holidays, in other words!

Love your blog in general, and this post? Go go go. You ROCK.
TrishasTime ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Well done Bridget :) You are a positive inspiration. If you decide on a fitbit - I can help you out with any issues. My fitbit is my best friend, it tells me when I have been sitting too long and reminds me to do 250 steps per hour in the times I nominate. It lets you link to friends so they can cheer you on

valine128 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
If you want a great set of cookbooks for the gluten free cook, get the "How can it be gluten free" cookbooks from America's Test Kitchen. I use them all the time and the stuff I make is not just good gluten free food, it's good food that happens to be gluten free. I make their pizza and it's awesome! I demonstrated this recipe on our YouTube channel if you want an example:
rcrabtree65 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Congratulation on your 73 lb. loss! That is amazing! Keep up the great work. I am on my own journey and have lost 67 lbs. I have an Apple Watch and love it. It even reminds me to take a breather. Between it and MyFitness Pal they keep me honest with my program. Take a bow! You've already achieved more than most people with your loss. Keep it going sista!
CowboyAl_50 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
First post I have ever read hear and I love ya! I agree: don't worry about the two or so pounds -- that's just a battle. You are winning the war! Congrats on your current weight loss, and man thanks for the laughter. -- Cheers!
ShinyFuture ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I think you will love the fitbit. There's some good recipe blogs - not all are solely veg/gf, but even the ones that aren't are have lots of great veg and/or gf recipes. Budget Bytes, Detoxinista, Running on Real Food, and OhMyVeggies are some i have great luck with.
KANGOOJUMPS ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
I love my fitbit! get one!, the charge 2 and add me!, Yep, my husband is the same. we went out last weekend and bought a couple things together and then I wrapped them.i do not want or need anything, same with long as we are together and do a nice dinner and drinks, that's all we want, like and need.HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
PAnn1 ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Pretty decent Christmas list. At least it is things you are interested in.. think you'll enjoy having a Fitbit.
CoriAPearson ha scritto 8 mesi fa:
Love my FitBit far 4 of my friends/relatives have gotten one since I got mine....positive peer pressure.

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