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"Your Health is Your Wealth"

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I don't accept blank friend requests. If people have taken the time to look at my MFP profile page (this page) and mention the things we have things in common in their friend request and I can see we have things in common from their profile page, I almost always accept their friend request.

I know that to lose weight, you have to have a long term commitment, coupled with a lot of daily actions. Losing weight isn't something you dabble at. As such, I want my friends to be committed to the process and regularly logging in to MFP.

I do my best to support my friends. Change is hard and changing ourselves is even harder. We all need encouragement.



I've been using MFP since July 2011 and I love it. The support from my friends here is terrific, I've learned a great deal from the forums, and I love being part of this community.

I'm being dragged kicking and screaming into my 50's. If I must go, I'm going to be fit and fabulous! I'm a happily married mother of a recent college graduate. I don't cook (unless a grilled panini counts), I like to practice the guitar, spend time with my family and friends, and I'm fascinated by habits.

I'm also the group leader of the Building Better Habits group here on MFP. We have weekly challenges that help us create healthier habits. Please join us!

I've been a pescatarian for many years. Living in New England and near the ocean, I really enjoy having easy access to fresh seafood. I recently watched Forks Over Knives and am trying to reduce my consumption of dairy. But blue cheese is non-negotiable.

I love walking half marathons. I'm very slow (the result of cerebral palsy at birth) and I'm often the last to cross the finish line. I see it as a service I provide my fellow marathoners. "I'll be last, so you won't have to be." I couldn't care less about my time. I enjoy the walks immensely and spend the hours taking pictures, blogging about the race, and thanking as many volunteers as I can. I still get a finisher's medal!

In the summer of 2012, I tripped over a tree stump and developed severe arthritis in my right hip. Over the year it became progressively worse to the point that I could no longer do my beloved walking. On August 6, 2013, I received a new right hip and I haven't stopped walking or moving since then. And I never will.

Les raisons pour lesquelles je veux être en forme

I love to exercise but my body shape didn't reflect that when I joined MFP in July 2011. Shedding 50 pounds has been a major boost to my health.

Mes sources d'inspiration

  • Turning 50 and wanting to be healthier than I was in July 2011.
  • Avoiding diseases and other nasty stuff.
  • I've saved for my retirement and want to be around to enjoy it!
  • I want as many years as I can have with my wonderful family and friends!


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