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Forget New Year's fitness goals, try 'Monday resolutions' with us instead!

Chances are you started 2019 with some healthy goals you want to achieve this year like exercising regularly, eating healthier, or losing weight. The new year is full of possibilities— an opportunity to cast off the person you’ve been and become the person you want to be.

While goals are important, we need more than just aspirations to be successful. We need a plan, we need accountability, and most of us could use encouragement and support along the way. Change is hard and changing ourselves is even harder. What if there was a way to capture the spirit of New Year’s but break it down to a level that made it easier to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves?

There is a better way, and that’s with Mondays. Every Monday we get a fresh start— it’s like the mini New Year’s of the week! In fact, CNN recently published a 
news article about how Mondays can help people tackle physical inactivity and a range of other behaviors.

Recognizing the transformational power of Monday, the Building Healthy Habits group here on My Fitness Pal has been kicking off each week by exercising. Each Monday, we choose an activity we want to do that day and then we follow through and do it. Now we’ve partnered with Move It Monday, one of the nonprofit initiatives mentioned in this CNN article! Together we’ve developed a special 9 week challenge that starts on Monday, Jan 21st, and we want you to join us!

If you’ve never really exercised, and you want to make 2019 the start of a new and healthier you, this challenge is for you. While it’s appropriate for all fitness levels, this program is designed to benefit primarily those who are sedentary and need to be more active. If you’re an occasional exerciser, but you’re motivated to get more active, this challenge can also help. It’s easier to adopt healthy habits when you’re part of a group. We’ll all be working on this together, encouraging each other week after week.

Studies suggest that when people exercise on Monday they are more likely to exercise the rest of the week. Those of us who regularly get moving on Mondays have seen what a difference it has made in our lives. It’s no longer “Ugggh, Monday”, but rather an opportunity for a new beginning that makes even going to work Monday morning a little easier. Please join us starting Monday, Jan 21st, and see how you can unleash the power of Monday for yourself.

Want to get started now? Check out our 2019 Move It Monday Challenge homepage.



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13 commentaires:

jlvsturm a écrit il y a 1 mois:
Looking forward to this month’s challenge
rosfk a écrit il y a 1 mois:
Great idea for anyone who hasn’t quite yet caught the fitness and moving bug!
pizzafruit a écrit il y a 1 mois:
No better way to start the week.
dcarter1020 a écrit il y a 1 mois:
Hi Denise! I love your blog and love the motivation. Mondays usually feel like a fresh start for me so I’d love to have a challenge each week to tackle. Thanks for the inspiration:)
fitphoenix a écrit il y a 1 mois:
What a fun way to look at Mondays!!
mpf1 a écrit il y a 1 mois:
just today thought i would start the workweek out right, and took the stairs to the 8th floor!!
Anonymous a écrit il y a 1 mois:
This is a great way to keep myself going, Hooray for Mondays,
PinkyPan1 a écrit il y a 1 mois:
Move it Mondays are a great way to start the week. And, yes, I agree with the studies that exercising on Monday does set us up for an active week. Thank you for motivating us to start each week in a healthy and fit manner!
pennysob a écrit il y a 1 mois:
Love Fresh Start Mondays!!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 1 mois:
I can't wait to see the first one...bring it on!
texasgardnr a écrit il y a 1 mois:
For quite a while now "Move it Mondays" have become my new normal way to jump start each new week. And having a place in the Building Healthy Habits group to post and be accountable to has been both a motivator and a blessing for me.
I especially like the quote in the CNN article that said: "New Year's only comes around once per year, but Mondays come every seven days. You basically get 52 chances a year to stay on track." Now that's an amazing concept!
I am looking forward to the special 9 week Move it Monday challenge that starts on Monday, Jan 21st!!
Soul_mate a écrit il y a 1 mois:
Ya actually Sundays being most difficult day for diet.. if we fix monday morning as measurement day.. Sundays will automatically controlled.. I am gonna to try this, this monday onwards.. Lets hope for the best.
Anonymous a écrit il y a 2 jours:
Been off my goals.. now back! Thanks for your posts

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