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Hold The Line

We just got back from a little post-Christmas getaway at a cozy house on the Potomac River. We had simple meals like eggs and sandwiches, and munched on chips and candy while doing puzzles or sitting on the dock. We went out for Italian food one night. I kept up with my walking but I have not really tracked my eating at all since before Christmas. 

When we get home from a trip and I have unpacked the essentials, the first thing I want to do is take a bath, which always means a moment of reckoning with the scale. I mentally prepared myself for a big gain. A week of not tracking, middle of the day weight, etc. Okay, here goes nothing! 

To my surprise, I've kept steady. No gain, no loss since I took an MFP-cation. (To keep my streak, I've entered a 'holiday' meal every day.) 

Then I started thinking about how that could be. I mean, I've always gained so much weight over the holidays and felt defeated by New Years. How could this year be different? Am I really doing things differently? I think so, even if it is by baby steps. 

For one thing, my walking. Yes, I have only been doing my Step Bet minimums, but that still adds up to no less than 100,000 steps per week. Every time I got a puzzle piece in the diabolically difficult jigsaw puzzle we were working on, I paced or marched one hundred steps so I would hit my goal even on the one rainy day we had.

I did eat candy and chips, but I had one chocolate instead of three at a time, and I found a little bowl for my chips that was just the right amount, instead of eating out of the bag. And I was never without a cup of plain tea or water.

I've thrown away the Christmas cookies that nobody likes. In past years I used to eat them all, in the name of not wasting. The only reason we even have cookies nobody likes is because I went to a cookie exchange. I only made a few batches of our favorites this year instead of the dozens I used to bake just because it was Christmas time. 

As I'm sitting writing this right now, I'm quite hungry. I had an egg sandwich before we left at 9 am, and it's now 2 pm. We are planning to go to an early dinner in about an hour. A year or two ago, I would have been grazing at the kitchen to get rid of the hungry feeling. Now I'm fine being hungry for a little bit. (FYI I'm talking about 'first world' hunger only, not actual starvation). I don't have that panicky feeling of needing to eat something right away.

In fact, as long as I'm not thirsty, an empty stomach feels so much better to me for exercising or heavy cleaning chores. I'm embarrassed to admit the number of times in the past that I couldn't do something like bend over and clean under a couch because my stomach was too full. I can't remember the last time I felt that gross. 

I understand once and for all that I’m not going to do this quickly. I like regular life too much. Losing one hundred pounds in a year doesn’t appeal to me any more. I do have some new goals that should help jump start this plateau I’ve been holding for months, but honestly I’m not that worried about it. I know I’m on the right track for me. 

Taking the time to reflect has been educational for me. I've learned that my natural hunger signals are improving. Not enough to go off MFP, but enough to hold the line. Even with only a very small loss to show for 2018, I think that is worth at least a small pat on the back. 

I've navigated through most of the holiday with no disastrous gain. Now, conquering 2019 with a one-to-two pound per month loss goal feels like something I can do! 

Happy New Year my MFP friends!  



"Steady as she goes"---The Raconteurs  

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11 commentaires:

1theresamcvean a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Thanks for this insightful blog, Jenn. I can just picture you marching between puzzle pieces. Looking forward to 2019 and slow but steady success for both of us.
texteach66 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Big wins!!
quiltlady77 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
As usual Jenn, a great blog. I did gain a couple of pounds but not as much as I expected. I seem to gain 2# every time we have pizza but goes away in a couple of days. I think the small dish for the chips and one chocolate instead of three does really pay off. I don't buy chips but make way too many cookies. Hubby loves pie so I always make cherry as I don't like that and we have tons of cherries in the freezer that I picked in July. Keep up the good work!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Well, holding the line. Clearly you continued to make good choices especially with all things in moderation and did not give in to the old temptations. I didn't throw away the cookies and candy but instead I took it with me when visiting friends. The result was I removed the temptation from our home and let others enjoy the Christmas goodies. Having been stuck at the same weight for the past 2 months I am happy to have not regained or loss ground the past couple of weeks. Honestly I would love to see that 1-2 pound a week/month loss once again. I'm stuck at 30lbs shy of my final goal. So as we move into the new year it is good know that I'm not in this alone and have a real inspiration to look to in you....Keep the faith, and keep up the great work.
TerriRichardson112 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Great blog, Jenn, and great progress on attitude. I love the idea of walking for jigsaw pieces. I love jigsaws. I gave away a lot of our 'goodies today to my daughter and her lot to get them out of the house. I weigh out crisps/popcorn into small containers too, so,that I know that I can have a low calorie treat when I want one.
sleepymom5 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
I wish I wrote as well as you. I will attempt to...I love how this is part of your life now You enjoyed your time away and didn't feel deprived even though you ate in moderation and got your steps in. I am shooting for that mindset myself, I am not quite there but getting better. I love your blog, thanks for sharing with us! xoxo
The_Movie_Chair a écrit il y a 2 mois:
You too must be so close to your goal weight now. Isn't it great?

Very proud of you! Happy New Year
themedalist a écrit il y a 2 mois:
This is awesome. So full of weight-loss wisdom. Smaller portions. More movement. Getting comfortable with being a little hungry. And most of all, being patient and realistic and enjoying your life now.

I'm proud of you too!
BexB42 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Thanks for posting this! I could not bend down to tie my own shoes last Christmas, and was embarrassed by how much weight I had gained. This year, I feel great, and I eat small portions of the things I enjoy at the holidays, like sausage balls (carb nightmare if you eat more than two!)

I relate to the feeling hungry thing as well, I have learned to drink water first, bc for years, I was thirsty and feeding it! Looking forward to reading more of your posts in 2019, keep up the work, you are worth it!
deadenddiva a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Good job! Portion control is most of what I find works. My favorite go-to sweet when I'm really craving something is the no calorie pink lemonade powder drink made with HOT water. I always have a pot of hot water going. Warm beverages seem to quell hunger pangs well, and the slight bite of the acidity mixed with the sweetness is very satisfying!
melissarose4 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Great job maintaining! It sounds like you made some really great choices along the way to do it! I love your puzzle step description - made me smile :-)

(I on the other hand, remembered the right choices and ignored them...tsk tsk shame on me). I'll be smarter on the next go around - the backward progress is not worth it.

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