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Can't stop myself. Sing to the tune of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"


I’m a mommy fighting flabby arms

Want small clothes that fit on me all right

Down my weight begins to creep

While my chair pose gets more deep

And my calorie and exercising goals in mind I keep


I’ll be a mommy getting oohs and ahhs

One day when my goal weight is in sight

A double win it will have been

If Daddy also gets thin

Mommy’s kicking a@@ with all her might!

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9 commentaires:

TrishasTime a écrit il y a 9 mois:
Love it
missKmorgan a écrit il y a 9 mois:
You need to do an album! "Greatest Hits Of Weight Loss" I would like to reserve an autographed copy! <G>
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 9 mois:
My,aren't you the clever one, I agree pretty soon you can make that album of what will surely be a big hit at the local gym.
ArleneMatches a écrit il y a 9 mois:
Hahaha....good one... It was fun singing it...
PamRoman61 a écrit il y a 9 mois:
too cute, I like the album idea
loreelund a écrit il y a 9 mois:
Awesome! How about (to the tune of "I Love Rock and Roll"): I love brussels sprouts, put another sprout in the skillet, baby! I love brussels sprouts, spritz with lemon and munch away.

Not quite as catchy, though. But I do love brussels sprouts--that's a true story.
tmyay a écrit il y a 9 mois:
FABULOUS!!!! thanks for putting a smile on my face...and joyous new year!
sanish44 a écrit il y a 9 mois:
This was Great!!! I concur with all the previous comments!!
wizzybeth a écrit il y a 8 mois:
My FAVORITE Blog post on MFP yet.

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