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  • Starting the 800!

    When I started back at the Gym this year, I decided to give it my all, and make 2019 MY year.  So, I've been to the gym every weekday so far this year, and my PT is supporting me every step of the way.  He's the one who suggested I give the 800 a go....

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  • Today from a newbie

    I procrastinated and thought I would give up my walk and was coming up with excuses such as the cold and nobody wanting to go along. I finally found enough in me to still bundle up and get out the door. By then it was 6 already but I got my walk, par...

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  • A new veggie thought this was delicious and a new way to eat this vegetable. There was a lot of oil in it and nuts which do add calories and fat. I need to try use a little bit less oil and almonds. I...

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  • Weigh day

    Today is weigh in day and I lost a pound since last week and 1/2 an inch off my waist.  My ketones where 1.4 so they are slowly going up which is good.  Work was long today since not enough people where scheduled so I suffered through.  Have a good o...

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  • Six!

    So, depression is really a bitch.  Sometimes it just sneaks up on you, it's like being tangled in a net you just can't escape from, and struggling just wears you out.  I'm caught in that net right now.  I feel like i should have known it was coming, ...

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  • Saxenda weight loss injection start date 17/2/19 with the help of MyFitnessPal

    Hi Im a 54 yo Female that has put on 25 kg in the last year due to a work injury and am now trying to get back in health and shape.. I started the Saxenda injections yesterday ( prescribed by my doctor) and I have to say I was very scared to start du...

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  • Hello!

    I'm a newbie so I'm just now getting a hang of how this site works.

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  • One Month Later

    Hello friends, here I am one month later, and am slightly disappointed that I can't share a weight loss success in the past month. If you were able to see it, my weight has remained the same, overall. It has gone up, it has gone down, and seems to se...

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  • How tough does this have to be!

    2 weeks home from our "trip of a lifetime", and managed to rid myself of a couple of kg so far.  No alcohol, and trying to watch what I am eating, and the plan was to do a Pilates workout every day (as part of the Studio 30 Day Challenge). I have got...

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  • 3일째. - 완벽은 아니나 85퍼센트정도에서 지키고 있음

    어제 잠이 몹시 오지 않았다. 최소한 마그네슘제는 챙겨먹을것. 로빈이에게 화벌컥벌컥내지말기... 얼마나 안스러운가. 아이란 얼마나 무력한 존재이고, 부모가 화낼때마다 마음에 상채기가 생길것이다. 참고 사랑하는 마음으로 대할일이다. 어제 저녁늦게 치즈를 약간 먹기는 했으나, 지난 금요일부터 시작해서 잘해나가고 있다.  5월16일에 다시 병원에 가서 간기능검사를 받아보자. 그때까지 체중목표는 65키로이다. 한달에 5킬로꼴이니까 힘들긴해도 불가능하지...

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  • One Year Later... (Time Approximate)

    A lot has happened in the last year.After my first blog post in January, 1018, I started going to Planet Fitntess on a regular basis, bujt that only lasted for a few sessions. My brother developed an abcess under his arm and ended up being hospitaliz...

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  • Day 1: Ketogenic Lifestyle

    Day 1 Measurements: 160 pounds 74 mg/dL glucoseHCT 42%Hb 14.2 g/dLKetone .5 GKI of 8.22.    So, I started my Ketogenic lifestyle today, February 17, 2019.  I'm 160 pounds and let's suffice it to say that I'm pretty unhappy with myself.  I have fat ro...

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  • I gained wait again...

    Somehow it makes me feel awful and motivated at the same time.  I'm here again, over and over with never ending story. When I achieve my limit in falling? It must be the end somewhere...Today I ate properly. It's just one day, but it makes me so prou...

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    My weight is 237.5Last week was 237.5Waist thinnest part: 42Lower abdominals ( belly button): 44FEEDBACK: Stayed the same this week which is okayFeeling a bit blue this week with life in all aspects, but I will pick myself upI expect more from myself...

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  • 17 Feb 2019

    209 23.1%4th day in a row of 1,000 calorie workouts.  Changed the scale settings to 1 and 58 years.  

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  • Never trust the scale!

    I've been feeling so frustrated over the stupid scale lately. I don't know if it was a stall or a stall caused by my body. It does seem like my body goes through stages of stalling out for a week or 2 (or longer) and then starts losing again.I just d...

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  • Sugar log

    2/17  8:00 am 220forgot meds I think2/17 10:15 295 took meds Plills 44 Lantus 30 humalog2/17 1:30 145 10 humalog 2/17 5:30 175 10 humalog 2/17 10:15 185 10 humalog  

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  • 17th Feb

    Been going back to the gym for 3 weeks exsctly today. I've lost 5 KGStill a long way to go but it feels good knowing it is working.I've stopped getting drunk since my birthday on the 4th. I was drinking between 20-50 pints of carling a week. Playing ...

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  • Holidays don't need to spell disaster!

    I returned today from a two week holiday in Thailand.When I go away usually, the minimum I've ever gained is 14lb.  Often much more.  I tend to be a bit of a pig on holiday.  I eat all the pizza I want, icecreams and soft drinks every day and no rega...

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  • Progress so far

    <a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a>

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