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  • Breaking up is hard to do.

    And no, I don't mean from my boyfriend. I am talking about all the other "loves" in my life. All those abusive mental partners we have dragging us down in the name of comfort and stress and every other emotion under the sun.  So here are some of my g...

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  • Interesting Ikea Food Facts

    So my husband and I want to take the kids to Ikea tonight because we need some stuff there. Dinner is always cheap, so I decided to see if I could find all the nutritional info in advance to make sure I don't overeat while I'm there. I was rather hap...

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  • Waluigi


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  • Timely Advice: It’s what you do after your fast or between your fasts that counts

    So, last Friday I weighed in at 233.8. The TOPS Summer Weight Loss Contest ends August 31, and since I started the contest at 269.4, I'm quite eager to hit a 40 pound loss for the contest. So 229.4 is the goal. Less than 5 pounds. Should be doable (d...

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  • My Inspiration

    About 2 years ago, my ex-husband (no he is NOT my inspiration) was offered an opportunity to work overseas for a year in the Pacific. When plans were finalizing, he found out he had to leave the island where he would be working for a certain period o...

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  • magnifique

    enfin la barre à deux chiffres

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  • Meal Prep

    Meal prep is something I've never been able to get the hang of. I am a super moody eater so what I think I'll want over my week changes when I actually get down to eating it. I know, I know. I'm an adult, I should suck it up and just eat what's there...

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  • sore joints

    Woke up early to screaming pain in my shoulder, amazingly I took a generic advil and it subsided quickly.  I have a torn rotator cuff, been torn for 8 years, also have bone spurs under the bursa pad in that shoulder too.  Other shoulder feels like a ...

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  • Motivation is Building in my Bones

    I’m starting to feel it.  Deep within, the motivation is building.  The strength of healthy living is returning!  I’m approaching my year Healthaversary on September 19.  While my streak and real lifestyle changes really got started in full force on ...

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  • x

    Feeling better about my thighs but still very hungry all the time. I know exercising and eating more would fix this but I still feel too big to increase my calorie intake. 

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  • 4 weeks all MEAT & WATER!!!

    Well today is offically the end of the carnivore diet and my sober 30.  I actually will ride it out till Friday so more than 30 days.  I will weigh in on Friday and give an offical weight loss total.  I will also now combine the rotational diet with ...

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  • Day 42 of 365

    Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone's week has started off great! I know that this is rough and tough work.  Staying positive is so hard when you are working out and think you are eating mostly correct and not seeing any results but, think of it this way....

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  • Pep-talk

    Listen, I know that my period is not the time to be self-critical. It's not. When my resting heart rate is up 3-5 bpm from normal, and I'm bloated, and my cravings are running rampant, and my heart and mind are overflowing with feeeeeeeelings, that's...

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  • Getting in Shape while being Competative

    Today I start my fitness journey. It started based off of a competition I have with my younger sister. We both feel that we have let our health go after our annual doctor visit and want to get in shape. I am one to not be very motivated to work out s...

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  • BG 134 this AM

    Had jury duty yest. and today. All the snack were high in gluten or sugar. I ate a ton of sugar yest. and then I came home and ate the last of the frosting from the brownies I bought for my B-day. So, having BG this high is not surprising and today w...

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  • Apéritif

    Tzatziki. Portion pour environ 2 personnes (belle portion): 66kcal - 6.8G - 0.8L - 8.4P/pers.Ingrédients: 200g de fromage blanc 0%, 1 concombre de taille moyenne, sel, poivre, et jus de citron si vous souhaitez.Couper le concombre en dés et le faire ...

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  • My Eating My Size

    Uggghhhh to have to do one more thing is like man wow.At this point I can't even do it for lazy ass me, I gotta do it because GOD says so. I gotta show him, he can trust me.  

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  • Day 65

    Today is day 65 and I'm feeling alright.  Started throwing away stuff that I don't need anymore so I don't have to move it.  Went on a walk this afternoon which was nice and I just finished a kettlebell work out before I started this entry.  Have a g...

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  • Its all about quality....

    Yesterday was rest day, now today is another. I dont want to exert myself especially since I am noticing a bit of a dry feet and legs are swollen today...something that hasnt happened in a quite a while...We have a very high health risk air...

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  • Swim Monday, Aug 20, 2018

    Woke at 7 AM since expecting Stainless Steel Specialists to work on a/c unit. Stainless Steel Specialists through my home warranty program just finished. Freon equivalent is fine...only capacitor needed to be replaced....a/c starting to cool down fr...

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