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  • Bad Trainer

    A lot of people use exercise apps; Runkeeper, Endomondo. Nike and that sort of thing. Some of them give audible prompts when you use them. "Nice job!" "Great work!""You met your calorie goal!"Mine tells me all the specifics of my run. In an electroni...

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  • Holy crap.... I'm an athlete!!! Who knew?!?

    After my last few long fast walks (well, fast for me, anyway), I noticed a strong and distinctive ammonia smell when I finished my exercise.  I knew that I didn't pee myself, so I thought I'd better figure out what was going on.  Rather than asking o...

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  • Overwhelmed!

    . . . the title of my blog is the only word I can come up with to adequately describe how I feel after all the community support I received from my last blog.  TOTALLY OVERWHELMED!!  The encouragement and wonderful suggestions were exactly what I nee...

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  • What about tomorrow?

    I'm tired -- Tired of counting and tracking.  Tired of watching what I eat.  Tired of gaining weight.  Tired of trying.  JUST TIRED.  Today was a total wash.  I didn't have much going on today so ended up inviting a friend over for coffee.  She is a ...

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  • Pathetic Running Crap

    There are a lot MFP-ers that either run, or want to run. Just do a search for "C25K" in the forums; there are millions of entries - well not as many as "Do I Eat My Exercise Calories or Not" - but close. Some of them have made it to Urban Dictionary....

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  • Is this the best I can do for today?

     Every day before you finish your workout, ask yourself " Is this the best I can do for today? " if the answer is "No" then work harder until you be convinced .When you ask yourself this question everyday it will bring the best out of you and makes y...

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  • Sit Less Boot Camp Returns October 1st On MFP

    You may already know that sitting too much ("sitting disease") has terrible impacts on your health. But did you know that sitting a lot may also be hurting your weight loss? We don't burn many calories sitting in a chair, making it harder to reach ou...

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  • Soap Opera Dieters

    Welcome to the continuing saga of I Hate The Scale, the show for desperate plateau'ers and up-and-down dieters. Today's episode, otherwise known as "I Need An NSV" Sunday: Julie, standing nekkid in front of the bathroom mirror, discovers that her...

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  • Confessions Of A Former Bombshell

      I grew up in a small, USA midwest town in a middle class family.  My mom was quasi-famous with her own TV show, and my father was a junior accountant who was mild-mannered by day and demonically abusive by night.  Thus, I grew up with mixed messag...

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  • The 5 Stages of Food Grief

    Terminally ill patients often go through fairly predictable stages as they begin to accept their life is coming to an end (hopefully, they have an eternal home). I have watched it happen with both my parents. It's sad, but thank God we get some time ...

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  • Vacation always brings me home . . .

    My husband and I have been in Pigeon Forge this week.  I love the Smokey Mountains.  Heck . . . I just love MOUNTAINS!  They are so majestic and beautiful, so awe-inspiring.  It seems, however, whenever I vacation it brings me back to my roots:  It r...

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  • Stuff Weight Losers Do and Say

    No matter what industry, business or hobby you are into, there is always a vernacular that goes with it. For instance, if you work in retail and you have customer with a chip card, you tell them to "put it all the way in." You might hear this in a lo...

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  • One Good Day . . .

    As I struggle to get back on track I am so grateful for the friends I have made along my journey. People who understand the struggle and strive to do better with me, people who take the time to encourage and check up on me.  One such person sent me a...

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  • Famous Quotes

    I read a lot. I have a pretty good education for a guy who smoked enough pot in high school to get all of Chicago high for a day. On the Internet, most people don't want to spend more that a few minutes reading. Did you know 47% of all music videos d...

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  • The good and the bad

    The good and the bad are all jumbled up.  For decades it was varying degrees of bad with only moments of good. And some of those moments were glorious, but they always were dragged back down.  Now the two seem at war. I face things daily that want to...

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  • Breaking out of starvation mode

    I was surfing the internet today and ran across this article by Tom Venuto, who has been in the weight loss and fitness industry since 1989.  He's a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, motivation coach, fitness model, health club manager and best...

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  • How It Really Is

    I have been writing this blog for a long time - like 5 years or something like that. I have filled the inter-webs with a lot of crap and a few pathetic stories. Possibly I have encouraged one or two folks to eat celery instead of a donut with their m...

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  • Race Report: Emerald City Half Marathon

    Race Report:The weather is warm: Red Flag conditions.  We’ll be starting with the temps in the low-mid 70’s and humidity percentage in the high 90’s (Garmin actually says it was 100%).  The skies are partly cloudy, and the sun rises to reveal a hazy ...

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  • Pardon my absence . . .

    Wow!  It has been a while since I last blogged -- July 31st to be exact so almost four weeks (feels like longer).  The reason for that is multi-faceted and of course there is a story . . .August has been a very busy month!  My mother-in-law finally a...

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  • Stop the Food Pushers!

    Don't you just hate it when "no thank you" doesn't work? What do you do if those inconsiderate family members, friends and Type-A soccer moms continue to offer you food, suggest the worst restaurants, drinks and other deadly treats?Well, here is an a...

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