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  • I Really Wanted to Give Up, I Have Before

    As the London Marathon draws closer, it has become a bit of a stress. I broke my leg in October and missed 9 weeks of training during prime running weather. I gained 12 pounds. By the time I got running again, it seemed that we have had snow storm af...

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  • A Pep Talk

      Gather ‘round, take a knee, and listen up.  It’s crunch time.  It’s time to turn this around and grab a win.    But this is more than a game, it’s a battle.  You’re in a fight for health and fitness, a fight for your life.   Success doesn’t come...

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  • Taking the Next Step

    I am sitting here this morning trying to get my head into a run. It used to be easy. I looked forward to a cool morning run. Last year I was looking forward to the fall runs and I broke my leg on the first one.I sat for nearly 10 weeks doing pretty m...

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  • Every Day a New Day!

    This morning I got up and stepped on the scale.  I'm really trying NOT to do that too often but as my clothes get looser it is hard to not have a peek!  I was down another 1.9 pounds!  My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the number on the...

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  • Why I Hate Running II

    Saturday morning I was a little late getting started because of the rib pain from my crash two weeks ago, kept me up for a few hours the night before. I usually have a cup of coffee around 5:30 or 6 am while reading my email and LIKING my friends acc...

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  • Sit Less Boot Camp Returns May 1st On MFP

    We've heard it before. Sitting too much is harming our health. The negative health impacts are so strong and pervasive that they just can't be ignored. Heart disease, strokes, diabetes, several types of cancer, and even anxiety and depression have al...

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  • It's All About Today!

    I stupidly started smoking cigarettes in 9th grade. I was feeling cool, and no one seemed to care. Oh sure, they told us how bad it was, but it was too late. I was hooked. I was a real pro blowing smoke rings through smoke rings - and coughing up a l...

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  • "M" for the WIN - NSV

    I used my lunch break at work today to do a little clothes shopping.  I try to do this every so often.  It really motivates me.  I love clothes.  I don't always buy things, just try on cute stuff.   Either the clothes don't fit and I get determined t...

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  • How Do You Play the Game?

    As a life-long New Englander, I am pretty blessed when it come to sports teams. I onlly like hockey and Facebook after the Patriots get in the Superbowl.Neither team is in its season.I am pretty sure I am leaving New England and moving somewere I can...

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  • Summer Struggle

    I thought weight loss would be easier in the summer.  Shorts, swimsuits, outside activities – I thought all this would be encouraging in my loss journey.  Nope.  At least, not for me. I failed to realize how much other summer distractions would count...

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  • The need for friends . . .

    Two days ago was my first "hard day" since I started eating whole foods/plant based (WFPB) . . . which isn't bad since I've been at it for about a month now.  Overall I have found it amazingy easy.  Apparently I didn't really care that much about mea...

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  • Life Changes and Body Parts

    I don't know about you, but facing health-related facts is not all that easy for me. Facing my limitations is a bitter pill some days.Getting older is easy; don't die.Yesterday I was at the orthopedic surgeon. He is my shoulder specialist. I also hav...

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  • Resolutions and Excuses

    The average person stops doing whatever it is they resolve to do by the 13th of January. Last week I joined the gym. This morning I didn't go. In fact, I haven't been once since I signed up.Stone me with donuts.I don't even know what to say. Mr. Know...

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  • Self-Imaging

    Do you remember when you first thought about losing weight? I was very obese weighing in at just about 300 pounds. I am 6' 1" but, according to my cardiologist, I should be closer to 190.And this is why BMI is BS. ;)I have a picture that was taken wh...

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  • Have You Made a Goal?

    When I got here, I had a goal of getting thin. I didn't really know how to connect my idea of thinness to my reality. I just wanted to be thin. I imagined myself when I was skinny. I know some of us were never skinny, but I was.I have made all sorts ...

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  • The Yays and Boos - back above 180.

    Ugh.  The scale showed just above 180 again.The barrier number of doom strikes again!  I wish my scale could talk sometimes.  I could use a pep talk or stern talking to from it now and then....  My weekend was a mix of good choices and bad.  I imagin...

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  • Little bitty changes

    I'm learning that this lifestyle change, for me, is full of little bitty changes to how I live my life. Rather than a full out drastic change of everything, tiny adjustments to my regular patterns seems to really be working out better.   I don't alwa...

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  • But it was my BIRTHDAY!

    Tuesday was my birthday.  We all have them . . . unfortuantely I don't handle them well.  It's not that I'm getting older . . . I'd much prefer aging to the alternative.  The problem is I enjoy having an excuse to celebrate!  I've been doing so well ...

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  • Oops!...I Did It Again

    A bit of navel-gazing...Last week, I was feeling pretty good about my blog post. I literally typed as I thought, so my 'breakthrough' discovery was recorded in real-time. Even better, it seemed to have hit a nerve with several other MFPers who left i...

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  • Fitness History for the Doc

    I have decided to use my two or three hours of minimally pain-free time to write and get a few important things done - like pay bills and some other stupid adult stuff.I am off to the physical therapist today.I woke up this morning with a headache. A...

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