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  • Happy New Year - I Am Making Resolutions!

    2018 Was a crazy year. It had the usual ups and downs. I lost my mother-in-law to cancer. I celebrated my first year of marriage to Ruth, cruised the Mediterranean and ran the London Marathon.I lived another year with cancer.In mid-August I developed...

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  • Every Child deserves Fun at Halloween!

    Everywhere I look, there is Halloween candy laying around. Chocolate and sweets, my biggest weakness!Last year I only bought Halloween candy I didn't care for and my husband hid his candy in the car and in his lunchbox. It felt like a walk on eggshel...

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  • Advice to My Younger Self

    When I came to MFP, I wanted to lose weight. When I had congestive heart failure (despite a few months of hard work), I wanted to be fit and run 5Ks. If you have read my blog at all, you know that I got cancer.Disease changed my view of healthy and o...

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  • No Pain - No Gain!

    Finally, after almost 30 years my husband is gaining weight and I fist-pumped quietly when I heard his complaint. The love of my life held his weight for way too long -almost 30 years. I have gained, lost and regained through pregnancies, injuries, s...

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  • Running for a Cause Revisited

    Saturday I am running the Police Chase for the 7th time. It's a 5K. It is not the most scenic route, but it does go past the town dump, a waterfall, and the park is nice if you like pollen.It will be race number 90-something.Before you get the impres...

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  • I Am the Healthiest Sick Man

    As the tempest rages against me, I am still 100% successful at not dying. I have mustered a little faith, a little perseverance, and lot of support.Today was going to be a recap of Tokyo.However, I didn't even unpack my suitcase and things went sidew...

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  • Hello It's Me

    For the last two school years I've been sporadically walking through the neighborhood around my daughter's high school after I drop her off in the morning. There are several reasons I walk here, a half hour from home: 1) when I started, I absolutely ...

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  • Something to Talk About

    A few days ago I saw some family members that I haven't seen in two years. That's 35 pounds ago! I was kind of excited, choosing an outfit that would be practical but not too loose or blousy so that they would definitely see the difference in me. I h...

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  • Do I get what I need?

    According to my doctor, I got myself an uncomfortable, but not very serious case of either, food poisoning or a stomach virus. Nothing dramatic, I will live happily ever after and beyond -as planned.At the beginning of the week, I didn't feel well. M...

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  • I Need a Break!

    I think I deserve a break in life, but I guess am not going to get one - yet. Today is rather emotional for a lot of reasons - I am hanging on as I work from home - in my underwear, which are clean.It's the little things.For over three weeks now, I h...

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  • Loose Skin - Tankini and Boxer briefs

    "Do you have loose skin?" This is a question I have been asked more than once. The worst fear for so many, some even worry about it before even start to lose weight and I don't blame them. I feared it too.Confession time! Yes, I have loose skin. I am...

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  • Forget New Year's fitness goals, try 'Monday resolutions' with us instead!

    Chances are you started 2019 with some healthy goals you want to achieve this year like exercising regularly, eating healthier, or losing weight. The new year is full of possibilities— an opportunity to cast off the person you’ve been and become the ...

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  • Taking the Next Step

    I am sitting here this morning trying to get my head into a run. It used to be easy. I looked forward to a cool morning run. Last year I was looking forward to the fall runs and I broke my leg on the first one.I sat for nearly 10 weeks doing pretty m...

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  • Tweeting the Surgery - The Effects of #Vicodin II

    I had planned on Tweeting my surgery yesterday, but Nurse Ratched took away my smart phone. Here is what I would have said in 140 characters or less.6:15 am dsjohndrow: Up, no coffee, no breakfast, blood pressure 160/102. Time for a shower and the ba...

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  • Resolutions and Excuses

    The average person stops doing whatever it is they resolve to do by the 13th of January. Last week I joined the gym. This morning I didn't go. In fact, I haven't been once since I signed up.Stone me with donuts.I don't even know what to say. Mr. Know...

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  • My Journey: Day 185

    Day 185Wow, day one hundred and eighty-five. I honestly feel amazing!I'm down to four hundred and ninety-four pounds. I can't believe it!I can actually move!I think that is the most important part for me. The movement, being able to get out of my hou...

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  • It's All About Today!

    I stupidly started smoking cigarettes in 9th grade. I was feeling cool, and no one seemed to care. Oh sure, they told us how bad it was, but it was too late. I was hooked. I was a real pro blowing smoke rings through smoke rings - and coughing up a l...

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  • How Do You Play the Game?

    As a life-long New Englander, I am pretty blessed when it come to sports teams. I onlly like hockey and Facebook after the Patriots get in the Superbowl.Neither team is in its season.I am pretty sure I am leaving New England and moving somewere I can...

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  • Weight Loss and Fitness - Unshared Thoughts

    I have been at this journey for 7 years. In some circles that makes me an expert. :P There are some observations I have made about where I am at in all this. I am also endlessly amused at the some of the stuff people believe about weight loss, runnin...

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  • Summer Struggle

    I thought weight loss would be easier in the summer.  Shorts, swimsuits, outside activities – I thought all this would be encouraging in my loss journey.  Nope.  At least, not for me. I failed to realize how much other summer distractions would count...

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