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  • My first bathing suit in decades!

    Almost a year later, I sat on the beach again and looked around me. Things have changed a bit. I am not the beached whale anymore, now I am "just" overweight and people don't stare at me the way they used to. I am not hiding under a tunica anymore bu...

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  • Just the Tip of the Iceberg

    Years ago I sat down one night and wrote down all of the "bad" things I had done when I still smoked cigarettes. The confessions of an ex-smoker, finally admitting how wrong some of my actions had been. How could I ever forget the night I almost sat ...

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  • Welcome Newcomers!

    Two days ago my streak showed 800 days and I couldn't help but reminisce a bit about the early days of my health journey here at MFP. I remember the first days here so well. People posted about their success -it was downright intimidating.They seemed...

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  • A Season and an Update

    I confess writing is getting harder for me. There are a few reasons. One, this neck injury makes it hard to think with headaches. My new pain meds came with Narcan in case I overdose. Those certainly don't help.  It seems as if MFP is doing their pa...

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  • It's not just a Bra

    I can multitask beautifully. The shoes fly off my feet while letting out the dogs. With one hand I check the mail and open the fridge with the other.It's pretty much the same ritual every night. I am not sure if other women do the same, but I also ta...

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  • Getting Better

        Truth time.   In the month of January, I've put on four pounds. Or two. Or none, depending on the day, the timing of the joys of womanhood, and bathroom events.  When I weigh myself in the morning, I'm bummed out for about thirty seconds.    Then...

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  • My Weight Loss Toolbox!

    My husband has a gigantic toolbox in our garage. Whatever the TOY STORE for men makes him buy, is neatly stored in one of the drawers. We have big and small tools for many occasions -which most likely will never occur.I, on the other hand, have a rat...

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  • Hear me roar!

    I started losing weight because I wanted to be able to enjoy the rest of my life without the restrictions, that morbidly obese people live with. I didn't want to be controlled by my weight and size any longer. For me it was never about a number on th...

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  • Its' not just a number!

    My husband is bound to his recliner, recovering after surgery, and everything that helps him to deal with pain and boredom is fair game these days.The TV is on 24/7 so it seems, and I don't blame him. What else is there to do?One night we watched an ...

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  • The Beauty in every Wrinkle!

    Yes, I look older now. Thank you for noticing! Where once there was a layer of fat and a triple chin, there are now cheekbones coming through, and my face proudly shows the years, I have managed to get under my belt so far. "You have such a pretty fa...

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  • There Is No Silver Platter

    I often wonder how it feels like to get everything served on a silver platter. Can the rich and wealthy feel the same joy that we do, when we after years of hard work, pay of a car or a house?I am planning the first and only Deed-Burning-Party in my ...

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  • Shame and Pride

    How could a harmless question rattle me that much?I can't help but wonder, though, are there really people who have an urge to eat a dozen donuts or a whole cake? I've heard there are people who never feel full, regardless of how much they eat, so pe...

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  • Bye Bye Plus Size Store!

    Just a few blocks away from where we live, conveniently nestled in a strip mall that's full of fast food places, there is my favorite Plus Size Store. I have shopped in this store for many years and know their sales pitches by heart. I park close by,...

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  • The Most Beautiful Ugly Sweater

    I have this dream outfit on my mind, and I will not rest until I will be able to wear it with pride and joy. I want to look elegant and timeless, just like in my dreams. I don't even know where it comes from. Maybe I am a victim of the '70s or '80s w...

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  • Dear Mother Nature!

    It's me, the fat lady, just a little bit less fat now but surely, you cannot have forgotten me.We haven't seen each other in a while, ever since you abruptly ended our friendship about two years ago, when you decided, I would not receive your monthly...

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  • Does MFP Have An Image Problem?

    Let me be clear up front, this has nothing to do with forums or MFP's public spaces.  I am referring only to images placed either in one's personal news feed that is seen only by their friends, or in their gallery.Just the facts:I, as a man, can post...

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  • Suck it up Buttercup!

    Chances that I will die healthy are pretty slim. I am almost certain I will die from a disease that I will not deserve -because nobody ever does. Nature will not ask my permission to make me sick, instead, the universe will test me and my character t...

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  • Wimbledon is safe!

    Of all the things I could have chosen as a reward for reaching ONEderland, I had rewarded myself with tennis lessons, what makes me wonder if my brain is shrinking as well.What in the world is wrong with me? Why didn't I go for a handbag, or new glas...

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  • The Fat Lady's first Hike and other Adventures

    I have been hiking years ago, but it doesn't count in my books anymore -too much time has passed since then. I felt like a Hiking-Virgin when I signed on for my newest adventure.My friends and I have big goals this year. Right around New Years, after...

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  • Fat Chance

    I was obese and then overweight. I had a million excuses for not losing and maintaining my weight. It doesn't matter what you call your fat, but it is a health hazard and you know it.Fortunately I survived congestive heart failure. My cardiologist to...

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