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  • Two Years - 123 lbs lost - High Five Fat Lady!

    Two years ago today, I came here after an evening full of humiliation. I was frustrated. I felt defeated and invisible -even though nobody could overlook me. I was fat. I was out of form and shape, and I was angry. Boy, was I angry!Today in the morni...

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  • A Season and an Update

    I confess writing is getting harder for me. There are a few reasons. One, this neck injury makes it hard to think with headaches. My new pain meds came with Narcan in case I overdose. Those certainly don't help.  It seems as if MFP is doing their pa...

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  • It's not just a Bra

    I can multitask beautifully. The shoes fly off my feet while letting out the dogs. With one hand I check the mail and open the fridge with the other.It's pretty much the same ritual every night. I am not sure if other women do the same, but I also ta...

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  • There Is No Silver Platter

    I often wonder how it feels like to get everything served on a silver platter. Can the rich and wealthy feel the same joy that we do, when we after years of hard work, pay of a car or a house?I am planning the first and only Deed-Burning-Party in my ...

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  • The Most Beautiful Ugly Sweater

    I have this dream outfit on my mind, and I will not rest until I will be able to wear it with pride and joy. I want to look elegant and timeless, just like in my dreams. I don't even know where it comes from. Maybe I am a victim of the '70s or '80s w...

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  • Just like a Pitbull

    We had an argument and as so often, I asked the same question over and over, demanded an answer, where there was none. Even happy couples fight once in a while and when it happens, I show all the female trades so many cartoons make fun of.I wish I co...

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  • You Can't Outrun a Bad Diet

    It's a huge battle which I suck at some days. I don't know about you, but even though I am not afraid of being mugged my a chocolate cake with vanilla icing (is this profiling), this effing food thing is tough. It does not care how fit you are, or wh...

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  • More, More, More!

    I stood in the kitchen and prepared my all-time favorite Thanksgiving leftover dish. A slice of the hideous miniature gluten-free bread, homemade mayonnaise, gluten-free stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and of course, a nice heap of cold turkey, he...

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  • To a New Year Full of Wonderful Mistakes!

    “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never ...

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  • A Season full of Non-Scale-Miracles

    The other night I disappeared under the Christmas tree and picked up all the non-breakable, dog-proof ornaments, that had somehow fallen off the tree. Still laying under the tree, I straightened out the tree skirt, which the puppy had messed up -agai...

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  • Have I Been Sick?

    Walking with Nordic Sticks in the winter time just seems to make more sense, and I feel now more comfortable when I walk in my park. The park has always been there, I just never had a use for it. As a matter of fact, it takes me less than two minutes...

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  • I Need Answers!

    Thank you guys for all your votes and support last week!Yesterday, I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who specializes in cervical spines. I had spoken with his assistant last week when she called to ask me how I was doing. I like that t...

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  • Hold The Line

    We just got back from a little post-Christmas getaway at a cozy house on the Potomac River. We had simple meals like eggs and sandwiches, and munched on chips and candy while doing puzzles or sitting on the dock. We went out for Italian food one nigh...

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  • Happy New Year - I Am Making Resolutions!

    2018 Was a crazy year. It had the usual ups and downs. I lost my mother-in-law to cancer. I celebrated my first year of marriage to Ruth, cruised the Mediterranean and ran the London Marathon.I lived another year with cancer.In mid-August I developed...

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  • Stuff That Won't Kill You (but you might wish it did)

    The truth is what doesn't kill you can really hurt and cause mental anguish. As most of you know, I have had chronic headaches since mid-August. How bad? Well, they thought I was having a stroke.I wasn't.After 4 ER visits, weeks of physical therapy, ...

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  • Forget New Year's fitness goals, try 'Monday resolutions' with us instead!

    Chances are you started 2019 with some healthy goals you want to achieve this year like exercising regularly, eating healthier, or losing weight. The new year is full of possibilities— an opportunity to cast off the person you’ve been and become the ...

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  • Life Changes and Body Parts

    I don't know about you, but facing health-related facts is not all that easy for me. Facing my limitations is a bitter pill some days.Getting older is easy; don't die.Yesterday I was at the orthopedic surgeon. He is my shoulder specialist. I also hav...

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  • Self-Imaging

    Do you remember when you first thought about losing weight? I was very obese weighing in at just about 300 pounds. I am 6' 1" but, according to my cardiologist, I should be closer to 190.And this is why BMI is BS. ;)I have a picture that was taken wh...

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  • Fitness History for the Doc

    I have decided to use my two or three hours of minimally pain-free time to write and get a few important things done - like pay bills and some other stupid adult stuff.I am off to the physical therapist today.I woke up this morning with a headache. A...

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  • Suck it up Buttercup!

    Chances that I will die healthy are pretty slim. I am almost certain I will die from a disease that I will not deserve -because nobody ever does. Nature will not ask my permission to make me sick, instead, the universe will test me and my character t...

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