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I am not the cute, petite girl in the skin-tight Nike tank top with the swingy pony tail, swishing around the track, making it look easy (if you are, congratulations!)

I'm the big, red-faced, sweaty, panting one in the baggy grey t-shirt dragging 2 lead stumps slowly around the the track by sheer force of will.

I realize this is the paragraph where I'm supposed to say something all inspirational, but I don't have it in me just now. So just laugh at the visual with me, k?

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Oi_Sunshine a écrit il y a 41 mois:
You were accidentally inspirational. Even though you feel "less than" because you aren't a Nike ad, you still get out there. :)
Dragn77 a écrit il y a 41 mois:
I think that's more awesome actually. Something about seeing someone struggle and not give up is so awesome! the visual is pretty funny though lol!
silverarcheress a écrit il y a 41 mois:
That is definitely inspiring to me.
dpwellman a écrit il y a 41 mois:
Track? No. Track is bad. Track equals misery. Roads and trails are good.
lindaheywood a écrit il y a 6 mois:
You inspired me.
healthyi7 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
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megbelievesshecan a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I think this was inspirational! I also am the big, red-faced, baggy clothes girl struggling to run.

Know that you're not alone, and you should be proud that you're out there doing it!
Anonymous a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Everybody starts somewhere! Just be consistent and the results will come. It took me a couple years before I shed 60lbs. My legs and shins would hurt walking to the bus stop.

Running is good cardio but it is pretty hard on your knees and joints especially if you're just starting out. Have you ever thought about giving Yoga a try? It may not seem as intense as running but a single session can burn up to 600 calories. The best part is yoga can increase your metabolism which is essential to weight loss, check out the program http://bit.ly/2oMWZpn.
MorningRunner65 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Yay! For You! I am the same - I always admire the elite runners and think 'some day I am going to look like that and run like that...' Who am I kidding - I have run a few marathons in the past and looking back at the events not every one was 'elite' in the fitness zone - there were people of all shapes and sizes. Isn't it wonderful?! I was encouraged that we don't have to be tiny to get out there a 'groove with our move'- it's rough getting started but stick to it. One year I just got out there 2 miles every day and felt like 'eww' I hope no one sees me out here...a lady came by, stopped the car and said out the window "I see you out here every day! Good for you! You look great! Keep it up!" Niiiice. Way to go girlie - who cares what we look like just get out there and get moving! You deserve it for yourself and I do too!
SkinnyTarheel a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I started running at 45, still waiting for that runner's high (I was a competitive swimmer most of my left and get the "swim zone." But I will say that signing myself up for 5k's every other month has helped keep me focused. I run intervals - the Galloway Method. Sometimes I beat my personal best, sometimes I don't, but I always get a new t-shirt or sweatshirt and am proud that I finish. I'll never be one of those runners that glide by and make it look easy, I'm still huffing and puffing!!
solieco1 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Just like a mullet, the party's in the back! Have fun, do you, be healthy, inspire anyway :D
teniahhowell a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Totally cracked me up! haha...This is ME!!! ;) I have ACTUALLY had someone honk their horn at me and yell "run faster" out their window - no joke.

I quite often look as if I am dying, but as I keep trying, I am learning to love it more and to relax into it.

I'll tell you one thing that has helped me love running a bit more is I started practicing a meditative breathing pattern while I run and that helps me relax and enjoy it more. (four seconds breathing in four out - which is hard sometimes)

Anyway, thanks for sharing - you made me laugh thinking about myself being exactly the same! Keep carrying on!!
libellemnm a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I am there with you! Sweaty face, wheezing when I finally stop running, side stitches... But you still did it. That's all that matters.

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