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Come on Baby Light my Fire ..

This phrase is all but common on MFP. Every other day (or if you do a search) you see the same plea again and again – “Need Motivation”, “Fell off the wagon, need motivation”, “Gained X pounds, need motivation”. To those that just need tips or help and are wording their posts wrong, you are excluded from what is to follow. Those that really think they need motivation to start doing what they need to, read on. 
So let me get this straight. You gained tens of pounds, or were warned that you are pre-diabetic, or you need to lose 30-40pounds before you wedding date arrives and you need me – a stranger – who knows nothing about you or whom you know nothing about – to motivate you! Is that what you’re really telling me? That I can motivate you to do what you already know you should be doing? So you’ve got your shoes laced up, you’re water bottle ready and music lined up and all you’re waiting for is the right words to come out of my mouth. Yes? Well, you might as well get comfortable because this is going to be a long wait for you! 
Or maybe let’s consider another possibility. You don’t really want to work out or diet just yet. You just want to postpone doing the real hard work. For whatever reason, you’re just not ready. So in the meantime, to feel ‘right’ about not doing anything, you just want to pretend it is up to me to say those magic words to you, that’ll put that spring in your step and get you started! So of course, you don’t hear the magic words and therefore, you don’t need to start just yet.
Before you think I’m being too harsh and deride me for this high horse I’m on - maybe consider that I’m casting this stone because I was also once, a ‘sinner’. 
If you’ve read my previous posts, I’ve admitted having hit rock bottom before I started really dieting and working out. I’ve been there. I’ve stared down into the Abyss. I ended up in the Abyss. I pulled myself out of it because I had to. And there were no magic words to motivate me. That’s what happens when you wait for motivation. You wait for it all the way down to the bottom – because it ain’t really coming. And even if it did, many times, you’ve looked right past it, because you weren’t really wanting it to come in the first place. 
So, you can keep waiting for your motivation, waiting till you hit your Rock Bottom - Or you can start NOW! Just Start! You know you need to do it, so just do it. 
If you do start, and then need my help, I will NOT refuse it! I will go out of my way to help. I’ll go do the research for you and give you all the answers you need. I’ll sympathize with you on how hard it is! I’ll egg you on when your body hurts, and I’ll celebrate every little victory with you. 
You may not see it or want to, but this is me – helping you. I’m reaching down into the Abyss, my hand stretched out, asking you to grab it and get going. 
I lit my own damn fire. Now you go light yours!
/end rant. 

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19 commentaires:

GettingFit5551 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I love it!
aliciaaw a écrit il y a 13 mois:
so true
Daytripperjackie a écrit il y a 13 mois:
meow. haha love it.
kcmsmith0405 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
well said!
Aplant77 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
So true! I used to wish and hope for movitation (which never came, of course!). Then one day I decided I just needed to dig in and put my health as a priority. Now I rarely miss a work out and do very well staying within my calorie goals and don't even think about motivation. It really isn't needed! Just do it! Great article.
the5ks1 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
This fall was finally the year that I decided I was worth $40 a month for a membership at the Y. And while I'm not thrilled at what the Y uses their money for in all regards, I am the one that is benefiting the most from my money being used on ME.

Pickleball FOR LIFE.
docvic123 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Thank you for the plain truth!
CompressedCarbon a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Discipline > motivation.

Granted, I have very little discipline, but even less motivation. So even though I'm not really motivated to go the gym, after work I will point my car in the direction of the gym and go. And as I'm walking out of there, I will be glad I went.
jaimydude a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Discipline > motivation.

Love it!
allangirl a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I like this post. Motivation comes after we start. Also, we don't need to wait for January, Monday, or next month...start eating differently this hour.
Raven_Hawk a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Truth speak right there.
BobbieInCA a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Well said! These are the same people (me at one time, too) who fell for every new Diet, bought every book, and took every "Magic" pill, guaranteed to make all that weight disappear without doing any work.
LinMoAn a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Well said.....
Wysewoman53 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Not only is it well said, it is enough said! Very well written!
hopiemama33 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I first read "Abyss"as "Arby's" I think my mind is on curly fries and King Hawaiian buns today, LOL!
Zyvi a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Perfectly said. I, like you, waited until I hit bottom. And like you, I tore myself from that hole I dug for myself. I am still climbing, but man that bottom is great motivation to keep going.

I wish I could say that I didn't sympathize with those who have the motivation at their fingertips (health, wedding, etc), but I watched my father in law deteriorate over about 10 years because of diabetes. Taking his toe wasn't motivation enough to change, neither was taking half his foot, neither was taking his leg below his knee... neither was the liquid filling his lungs and the drainage implants they had to put into his lungs so he could drain them himself when he felt like he was drowning... neither was the fact he was going to leave his family early. No, none of this was motivation enough for him to put aside his habits and start making healthier choices. I wish I had the perfect words to share with someone in this situation to help them find that drive to make healthy changes... and I wish I had them 10 years ago.

Maybe your honest words will be that difference here. I am looking forward to your next blog post :-)
GoodnightJulia a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Can we favorite this and have it as a pinned sticky post in the motivation forum?
mai424 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
OMG...tough love, that I think I needed to hear. Not because I need motivation from others, but I keep trying to find it within myself. I also liked peoples comments that said Determination>Motivation, I'll just work on my determination and get my butt in gear.
stormlover757 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
YES....JUST DO IT!! By the time, we make all the excuses, we could have ALREADY done it!!..Really well said!!

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