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Army St.

I’ve told you before about my hour-long commute. A few years ago, that commute used to be from Hillsdale, CA to San Francisco. I used to take the Caltrain into San Francisco.
Every day, as we approached San Francisco, at around Army St. (Technically, it is Cesar Chavez St.), we would come across this spot that would really take my breath away - and this would happen almost everyday as we passed by that spot. I guess the anticipation as we approached was similar to what I described with the couple in one of my earlier posts. It seems, when you know something beautiful is about to happen, you perk up and ready yourself for what is to come. You ready yourself to be able to appreciate all of it, to make sure you pay attention and not miss any part of it.
Anyway, The train would pass by this body of water that was under a couple of intersecting freeways. On days when there was no wind or rain, the water would be completely Flat, Calm and Still! There were a couple of abandoned boats in the water. I was usually on the early train so at the time, the sun had about just risen as we would pass and the light would always hit the water just right – and that scene for the few seconds that I saw it – and framed by a train window, was just perfect! Everyday, I would say to myself – Boy! Wouldn’t that make a great picture? One day! One day, I will come down here with my camera and try my best to capture the beauty that is in this scene.
And that day was April 03, 2009 - I decided to just do it. I woke up early, grabbed my D-90, got into my 97 Outback Sport and drove down to San Francisco. I parked as close as I could to a point where I figured I could enter. I went through a broken fence, walked through some tall grass and got to a spot where I set up and waited in the dark. As I waited till when I thought the light was just right, I saw what I hadn’t seen before. I watched for the first time and firsthand how, each day, that scene came to be. Everything that happened before my train passed that spot each day. I watched as the sun rose and painted the frame up for me – filled in some light here, added a shadow there, until it could get no better. It was gorgeous and better than I had ever seen it!
What made it so beautiful to me? Was it the stark contrast? Not just the contrast in light and colors but also in the scene itself – with one boat perfectly tethered, the other half sunk, the water around them perfectly glassy, their reflections so elegant and clear? Was it the serene quietude? The pure tranquility? Or was it the months of watching this spot as I went by on the train, waking up each day and looking out to the right to see if was still there? Nevertheless, it all culminated in this moment and these pictures I was fervently taking.
I took a few pictures with the amazing colors and light I was hoping for, then I switched settings and took one in Black & White. It was just as good, if not better. That was fascinating to me. That a frame I was so taken by because of it’s light and coloring could be as beautiful while stripped of those very same colors!
I often wonder though – Of the hundreds of people on that train (everyday, mind you), how many noticed this scene that I so fell in love with? That affected me so deeply! How many went down to Army street before daybreak? Does anyone else in the world have this picture?
I haven’t taken that train in more than seven years. I don’t get to see that scene any more. I don’t even know if it still exists. But every time I see this picture I’m so glad I decided to go down to Army St. that day. 
I now have this scene with me forever, and I have it exactly how I want to remember it.





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11 commentaires:

GettingFit5551 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
Both pics are beautiful Jaimy!
Venus_88 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
You were right I love it :)
CompressedCarbon a écrit il y a 12 mois:
Wow. Both the picture pictures and the word pictures.
aliciaaw a écrit il y a 12 mois:
Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you share them with us. I want to go there now. Maybe when I retire next year
rundgrenrocks a écrit il y a 12 mois:
jlove618 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing <3
Hoppymom a écrit il y a 12 mois:
The moments that make life worth living....
pattymason7 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
Beautiful! Thank-you.
Laura80111 a écrit il y a 12 mois:
Beautifully captured and your words to describe it go hand in hand.
tomhind1254 a écrit il y a 11 mois:
sick fam
IremiaRe a écrit il y a 11 mois:
I imagine there weren't even 2 other people on that train who even noticed, much less who found it fantastically beautiful or got up before dawn to shoot a photo. Most people aren't looking for the beauty of things - and we must pity them for all they are missing. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

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