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Fitness History for the Doc

I have decided to use my two or three hours of minimally pain-free time to write and get a few important things done - like pay bills and some other stupid adult stuff.

I am off to the physical therapist today.

I woke up this morning with a headache. As I went to slip out of bed, my neck popped and the shooting pain shattered the peaceful morning light. I managed a couple of cups of coffee. I can't take my NSAIDs and run, so I rushed my morning routine to get out the door with Ruth.

I like running with my wife.

Mostly I get to talk and she listens. ;) Seriously (I know, you never thought I would say that!), we both work from home and spend pretty much 24x7 together. We love it. I tease her about being missed when she uses the bath.

We have a really good thing.

I have to run. It fixes my head, keeps the weight off, gives me time with her, and is probably good for other things like my heart, not killing stupid people, and - well, you know - it makes waffles taste better too.

Staying fit is a good thing.

When I left the ER that last two times, they gave me a print out on my BMI (body mass index). It was not really encouraging as I am overweight again. According to the numbers anyway. I need to follow my own advice and get the food back on track.

The food is fine, it is just that the portions are too large.

Fitness and diet (what I eat or don't eat, not what I follow) have made a big difference in my health. I had to fill out a questionnaire for my new doctor. They asked how many surgeries I've had. I needed an extra sheet of paper for that. I needed an extra sheet for diseases I've had. Just one line for cancer. That's bigotry. 

Do you smoke? Quit in 1994 How much? None
Do you drink alcohol? Quit in 1980 How much? None
Do you take recreational drugs? Define recreation. OK, I quit in 1980. How much? None
Do you use caffeine? I wasn't nominated for the Supreme Court of the USA. Yes, coffee. How much? Under the advice counsel, I plead the 5th and do not wish to answer this question and incriminate myself.
Sexual history: Umm, my wife. She has power of attorney and is designated in my living will and I am not going to screw that up.

Sadly, I am on a couple of medications for this stupid neck thing. I would like it to be none, but at least for today, I have a little relief.

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6 commentaires:

kendallvon a écrit il y a 8 mois:
This is just too funny!
Wysewoman53 a écrit il y a 8 mois:
I love the Supreme Court reference! You never know what one will do under the influence of caffeine so it probably better that you pleaded the 5th on that one.
SixCatFaerie a écrit il y a 8 mois:
I love what you said under the Sexual History part! 😜 Great blog post, as usual!
SixCatFaerie a écrit il y a 8 mois:
No clue as to why there is a question mark in my comment. Oh well. 😃
aimeetu a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Ha same here on the caffeine!
brittvshows a écrit il y a 5 mois:
How did I miss this one? Too funny, for which I thank you! Just finishing the holidays. Hope yours were enjoyable.

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