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Two Years - 123 lbs lost - High Five Fat Lady!

Two years ago today, I came here after an evening full of humiliation. I was frustrated. I felt defeated and invisible -even though nobody could overlook me. I was fat. I was out of form and shape, and I was angry. Boy, was I angry!

Today in the morning I stepped on my scale and it showed 189 lbs and I grinned from ear to ear. Under 190 -perfect timing! Only 17 pounds to go until I will reach goal #1.

I feel so much pride, and I wish I could hug and high-five the fat lady from two years ago because she has done it. She deserves all the credit, she has created this newer and healthier version of good old me.

I am just the result, it was all her!

She is always with me, as a matter of fact, I believe I will always be fat -perhaps not with weight and size, but in my mind, that's the conclusion I have come to. I was heavily overweight for way too long.

I want to say that I haven't changed, but I have. I suppose you can't make dramatic changes on the outside, without changing some of the inside as well.

For the first time in my life I understand that my weight -and a big part of my health- are just the consequence of my actions -or perhaps missing actions.

The fat lady back then always wanted to lose weight, she just never got it done. While she could hardly walk, she still had enough stamina to kick the can down the road. Day in, day out! Year in, year out!

I put pleasure first and just the thought of torturing myself with any kind of exercise was too much to bear. I was thin-skinned -like most heavy overweight people are- but pretended to be tough.

I loved myself in an unhealthy way and gave myself permission to enjoy everything to the fullest at all times. "I deserve it," that was my favorite excuse whenever I ate too much again, quickly followed by, "I wish I hadn't," just a few minutes later. 

I wanted to change -tomorrow! I wanted to lose weight -starting perhaps on Monday!

There is a scene in the movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel where Judi Dench sits on the roof of a building in Mumbai, and she talks to her business partner about her private life and her concerns.

She is in love with an older gentleman, who lives with her in the same retirement hotel in India. He feels the same way and wants to take the relationship a step further, but she feels she needs more time to adjust to the new situation. She is in her late 70’s, and so is he.

“I just need to tell him that I need a little bit more time,” she explains, “I am sure he will understand.”

Her business partner, a very wise young Indian man looks at her and asks, “How much time do you have?”

She doesn’t say a word after that; she just looks at him.

A sagacious statement indeed, it took my breath away. Guilty as charged, I was (am) still the same way. Yes, one day I will go and book the pottery class I always wanted to take. One day, in a future far, far away, I will have time to do all the things I have planned.

We all don’t know how much time we have on this planet, yet we often decide to make generous plans with the rest amount of time we think we have.

If I could give newcomers here at MFP one advice, it would be to not take time for granted. If you want to change your weight and your health do it now and start today.

Next year at this time I will be fighting the fight of maintaining. Bring it on future! Bring it on! 

And now I am going to look at pottery classes. It is about time! 

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49 commentaires:

angies_getting_healthy a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congratulations 100 times over, You have been a true inspiration for me this past year or more since we have been "friends". I look forward to these blogs and all your insights. Kudos!!
wibarra17 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Loved reading this! Great message to start now and quit putting things off until tomorrow. What if tomorrow never comes?
SisterSueGetsFit a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Always an inspiration. I'm getting off my @ss and heading to the gym...: )
Tenacity149 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Exactly what I needed to hear!
shelbysp8 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
You should be very proud of the "fat Lady" you were and the "New Lady" you have become. Keep of the hard work!
You are an inspiration to many of us!
1theresamcvean a écrit il y a 4 mois:
You are miraculous. From humiliation to high fives. You've worked hard for two years - always consistent with your food, finding the most novel ways to work out hard, and recognizing all your NSVs along the way. Nothing has or will stop you. I'm so glad to know you here.
ArleneMatches a écrit il y a 4 mois:
“How much time do you have?” This resonated within me....I'm going to be 79 in a couple of weeks and, really, why am I putting off stuff I'd like to do?
Thank you for this post....this (like all of your other ones) have such a poignant message...
joanthemom8 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
I've been your friend since your beginning and, even though I've been on MFP for more than 7 years, you are the most inspirational person to me! To me, time has flown and it seems like it all happened so fast, but maybe to you it doesn't. It's all hard work and facing your fears and you DID it! I'm so proud to be your friend!
vollkornbloedchen a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Lesson learned: There is no such thing as "Tomorrow", all we have is now. Proceed to next level, young Padawan
allangirl a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Whenever I struggle to make good food choices I think of you, and how much you have over come. Self-mastery is a muscle and yours is strong!
barneshall a écrit il y a 4 mois:
simply fabulous....again! Thank you.
texteach66 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
I love reading your blog so much!
deadenddiva a écrit il y a 4 mois:
so true! Never ever take health for granted, it is always a work in progress. The good thing is that hard work can be transformed into good habits given a genuine chance. You inspire and amaze me, and as I've said before, you should write a book. I've finally gotten below 180 by a pound, and I can't believe how I can rush up the stairs now, stairs that 6 months ago had me gripping the handrails with both hands and doing one step at a time, both up and down. So far so good, I'll be losing that 17 pounds along with you to my first goal as well. You rock my world!
musicsax a écrit il y a 4 mois:
I can't believe that is been almost 2 years since I first clocked your blogs!! Where has that time gone! I thoroughly enjoy all your blogs and look forward to them every week. So many congratulations to you for your achievements
Can hear myself in so many of your words! I reached my final goal weight 18 months ago; lost 66 pounds, and yes I still feel fat - it is an ingrained mind thing, I sometimes catch my breath when I glimpse myself in the mirror, I look slim!!! I forget I look slim!!! I had been fat all my life and that feeling stays with you!
But boy, when I realise for the umpteenth time that my body is slim now - the pleasure!!!
Yes, I've found maintainance a bigger challenge than losing, but I LOVE my new wardrobe and never want a fat body again, it took me to the age of 59 to achieve that!!!!
Yo are doing so well, I know you will succeed and I know you will maintain. Keep up the good work; enjoy that pottery course and your success xxx
ninyagwa a écrit il y a 4 mois:
That was a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing.
barbcisler a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Thanks for you post. I look for success stories all the time to inspire me and this is a great one. Like you, I always think I'll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is today really! I have been on again off again for way to long and let every little excuse get in my way. I'll be 60 this year and I don't want to take this fat into my old age. I want a vibrant life and it is just out there waiting for me to commit to it. Your inspiration is invaluable :)
sdereski a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congratulations once again! I so enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to them each week. We are not "friends" but I certainly take a lot of advice from your blogs, so thank you for that. Cheering you on as you go. Can't wait to read about it.
melissaegrimm a écrit il y a 4 mois:
So inspiring. Thank you.
zydeco69 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Great advice. This fat lady is listening.
Connie7355 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Thank you and congratulations!! You have inspired me more than you will ever know!!
Rozbee1 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Thankyou for your inspiring life for the past two years. Only having just discovered your blog i eagerly await future ones.
From one "fat lady" to another...keep going we all can achieve our goal. 😀
PennyLorraine a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Wow! Just wow!
Laura80111 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
What a journey you have had and will have in the new year. Congrats on creating the new you.
Sharon_C a écrit il y a 4 mois:
I've been following your progress from the beginning and am so, so proud of you! Congratulations! Please keep us updated on the pottery class.
ShellyMacchi a écrit il y a 4 mois:
such great insight as always!

I've always held to the thought:

'life is not a dress rehearsal... this is IT, live it now'

But have always struggled to live the belief.

I keep trying though... and sooner or later, it starts to become the habit.
cindypalmer007 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
So happy for you today! You have become a regular part of my weight loss the past 15 months since I began my time here and found your blog. I check in with you regularly. I have enjoyed each and every one of your blogs, but this one is just STELLAR!
I'll be with you during our next 17 pounds, when I reach my goal and begin a lifetime maintenance lifestyle, thank you for all the time and thought you've given to all of us, such a beautiful way to share with those of us who needed the TLC.
dodieneatfreakwannabe a écrit il y a 4 mois:
I am so very happy for you! Very insightful. <3
Flexin74 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Very inspiring. Great Job!
Carolc64 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congratulations! What an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the reminder-right now is all we have for sure. So do it now!! :)
koljandertjie68 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Really inspiring! Wish I was where you are now, but it is only the start for me. Im starting over for the 10th time from the beginning. But blogs like yours really make me feel that this time Im going to succeed. Thank you for this :)
fitbabs a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congrats on your great success to a healthier you, I was very inspired by your post, thanks.
jul92506 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congrats!!! Thank you for sharing. I am so inspired by your story. I know that the time is now for me.

SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congratulations on your success and reading your words is nothing short of inspiring to me. So much in common, in terms of the feelings of shame and helplessness who among us hasn't felt the same at more than one time or the other. How many of us has started and failed time after time to lose wright finally to give us until it got us into a total life and death situation in terms of our health. The truth is this journey to a healthier life isn't easy, it does take work and dedication, it take real commitment to real changes in lifestyles. It means facing up to and taking ownership of our own actions, habits and behaviors. This is what in addition to your advice to any new comers is what I would add to your statement of getting started and not taking time for granted. You my friend are wise and inspiring .... thank you for being here and sharing so much of your feelings and discoveries with us. It is so rewarding to hear of each of your new adventures and in short enjoying the new you. Keep on keeping on you are doing great!!!
MindfulKim a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Yes, it was YOU who did it! I love the way you honor your heavier self. I see a lot of myself in your story. I'm not taking my time for granted anymore either. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Elbee1 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing with us and for keeping me inspired.
Pdjackson a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Congrats!!! Inspiring ... Thank you.
kathykaser a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Frustrated, angry and defeated are feelings I have felt for years. You are very inspiring, thanks for sharing. Great Job!!
Carysta a écrit il y a 4 mois:
This is my first time seeing your blog and I'm in tears right now. Thank you for this inspiring message. I finally put my foot down on Monday and said enough, I can do this, but what you're describing here is the story of my life! Congratulations on your amazing journey, and I'm definitely going to follow your blog now!
poolchicko5 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
And you'e a good writer. Kudos! Loved the story. :) I don't know you but am happy for you.
Calblak06 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Inspiring me, i just got home from an hour long walk at 6.45 pm, after a lazy sunday doing nothing. My future self will thank me.
osier5 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Thank you for your posts! I appreciate your willingness to share your journey. Sometimes the amount of weight that I have to lose seems insurmountable and it really helps to read about someone further along on the path.
cwlsr a écrit il y a 4 mois:
One of my favorite expressions by a former mentor W. Clement Stone. "Success is achieved by those who try and keep trying. Where there is nothing to lose by trying, then by all means try". By all means keep on keeping on! (The Wise Old Sage)
Aplant77 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
I always look forward to your blog and you did not disappoint today. Thank you for sharing your story! You are doing an amazing job!
jaybirdaz79 a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Well written and more importantly, honestly written. Congratulations on your accomplishment. And a hearty hi-five to OFL (Original Fat Lady). Awesome.
SheilaCali a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Thanks for the reminder to just do today well, as the next day has enough worries of it's own (if you even get there). One step in front of the other gets the job done, with the bonus of being able to finally see your feet! Your prose and your mindset are spot-on as always. It's time to shimmy up to the pottery wheel, nice and close. You two belong together. Happy trails, cowgirl!
lindasuedue a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Oh, so true. Had a friend once who had always wanted to be a nurse. She was in her 40s and said that she would go back to school and achieve her dream but would probably be 50 before she graduated.

I told her, you will be 50 whether you go back to school or not. The difference is, you will be 50 and a nurse!

Which she is.

My best to you on your journey.
sandie1954saveabxr a écrit il y a 4 mois:
Very inspiring.
davidotero6144 a écrit il y a 3 mois:

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Sharonaahh60 a écrit il y a 2 mois:
Great job! Today is the day.....

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