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There Is No Silver Platter

I often wonder how it feels like to get everything served on a silver platter. Can the rich and wealthy feel the same joy that we do, when we after years of hard work, pay of a car or a house?

I am planning the first and only Deed-Burning-Party in my life. After 30 years of paying mortgages, our home will finally be OUR home. I remember when we drove by the house for the first time. It was love at first sight on my end, on my husbands end not so much. 

"Too much house, too much money, too much work," he judged quickly and while I knew that he was right, I could see us living there happily ever after. 

We talked about it, juggled numbers back and forth and finally, we both agreed. We would buy the house -if the banks would let us. It didn't look good at first. We were young (dumb) and broke in the lender's eyes, but to our surprise, they gave us the loan, and we moved into our new home. 

We knew what we wanted, and we were ready to work for it to make it happen. It was not always easy, we made sacrifices.

The love of my life worked two jobs at times and so did I. There were periods when we had to stretch the money as far as we could, there were times when I thought we would not be able to make it. Who knew children could be so expensive? Why didn't anybody tell us there would be repairs? 

We lived - We learned -We adjusted.

I have been quiet here lately, haven't talked much with my friends, haven't logged and didn't feel like blogging either.

The Deed-Burning-Party will be right about the time when I will celebrate my two-year MFP-anniversary. Two short long years, and I am still not at my goal weight, and far away from my ideal weight. 

172 lbs, my goal weight, was the lucky number I aimed for when I signed up here. Now only 19 pounds away, I realize that it's not where I should be. 172 lbs, was just the last number I could remember when I thought about my life before I started my fat-career. 

Realizing that I will have to juggle the numbers a bit, hit me hard. 

WTH? Why haven't I reached my goal weight yet? Why am I so slow, while others seem to manage to lose the same amount of weight in just a few months? 

"Do the crime, do the time," comes to mind and I know I have done the crime. You don't wake up weighing over 300 pounds overnight, it took a long time to become morbidly obese. Gosh, I was good at it!

Why didn't anybody warn me it could take that long? Why is so hard at times?

Well, life doesn't serve success on a silver plater -at least not to ordinary people. We have to fight for it, we have to make sacrifices to make our dreams come true.  

Being an average size with an average weight, and not being seen as the fat lady, is my dream. 

No, it's not always easy but no matter what it takes, I am willing to go the extra mile. Screw you Menopause!. I will lose the pounds you superglued on my hips and butt, no matter how long it takes. 

121 pounds lost - Only 19 lbs to go reach goal #1

Patience Padawan, patience!

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15 commentaires:

shelbysp8 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Its a long hard battle and YOU have done a great job fighting .
Keep up the hard work - the battles end is in sight! :-) And you can raise your head and hands in VICTORY!!!!!!!!
vollkornbloedchen a écrit il y a 3 mois:
... and an heartfelt middlefinger-salute to those extra-pounds. You will make it. As usual it is only time it takes.

I'm extremely curious to see the primary mission-objective finally revealed ... Only 19 lbs to go and the mystery will be resolved ...
ArleneMatches a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Once again you've hit the 'nerve' most of us overweight gals have. Well blogged....thank you...!!
SueH1202 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Oh Movie_Chair, I just want to reach out and hug you. I found your blog a few months ago and have looked forward to Fridays ever since. I went back to the beginning and read every single one of your blogs and, like a good book or TV show, was a little sad when I caught up to present day and had to wait for the next installment.

I have never ever posted a comment or blog, preferring to remain anonymous in the MFP world but this post pushed me to step forward. I've been on MFP for almost 2 years, making slow but steady progress. I'm 4 pounds away from my 3rd and final revised goal but the battle isn't over. I know I'm a lifer here; I have to be if I don't want to end up back where I started. Be proud of the fact that you're so close to your first goal that you can see beyond it. As unhappy as that makes you feel, it's progress.

Movie_Chair, I don't know if you truly understand what an inspiration you are to all of us. Your writing shows the gains you're making in your life while you're losing weight. Your posts are amazingly written and put into words what the rest of us feel but don't have the ability or courage to say. I'm so thankful to you for sharing your journey with us and I want you to know that I'm sitting quietly in the background, cheering you on!
RetiredAndLovingIt a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Me, too! I have gone back & read all your blogs because I really enjoy them. I hope you keep writing them. Keep going..you will make it!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 3 mois:
I just want to say congratulations upon reaching a major milestone in your life. The long term commitment and obligation of a home mortgage having been met and receiving that deed free and clear is something to celebrate. As for the battle of control over our life and bodies, we are all far too familiar with commitment, courage and sheer determination it takes to set a goal and stay on course to reach that target weight. Your success to date is amazing and find it inspiring as I too nearing my goal (after losing 94 pounds, 30 to go)and finding that it is very slow going at this point. Each pound lost is a reason to celebriate, let I've said over and over again "Rome was not built in a day". We all need to follow your advice and remember this is going to take time to get to the finish. So Congratulations !!! Well Done !!!
SiegfriedXXL a écrit il y a 3 mois:
You continue to be my inspiration for so many reasons. Your fortitude in the face of illness, your dogged perseverance, your personality which shines through in your writing, and your willingness to help those of us limping along behind you on this weight loss journey.

You deserve all the successes you've already achieved and those still to come. One step at a time. Before you know it, you'll be at goal weight #final and we'll be there to throw the party for that one too.

sleepymom5 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
First of all-Congratulations on paying off the mortgage! You have had a lot to celebrate lately!
I can relate to the slow weight loss, it is frustrating. The difference between us is that you are going slow and steady and I give up and gain. I stay on MFP but I watch my weight slowly creep back up, get to a certain point and get my butt back in gear. You are an inspiration. I have no doubt you will reach your goal and keep going! I also have to add, I REALLY didn't want to go to the gym yesterday and then I thought of your wedding blog. I want to look and feel better by my son's wedding in a year. So I pushed through and went. Thanks!
jlooser1978 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Wow 2 years what an accomplishment! You have come so far. Even though I have never met you personally I feel like we are kindred spirits.

I have lost the same 40 pounds over and over again as hit a plateau and give up and slip back into bad habits. Your stories and tenacity have helped me stay on track. When I begin to get discouraged I go back and reread your post. Identifying with each hurdle you have overcome. I look forward to sharing your journey each week. I hope you understand that you are an inspiration. You are a big part of why I believe that this time I will meet my goal of a healthy and normal weight person.

I began my weight journey in April and have lost 39 lbs so far. The dangerous 40 pounds looms on my horizon. I have 12 pounds to go to hit the 1XX land, my first goal and 60 pounds to hit my high end weight range. I will see where I am then. Keep up the good work. When I read that you are belly dancing and playing tennis it inspires me to do my daily workout. Thank you for just being you! :)
joanthemom8 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Just remember that the more weight you lose - the closer you get to your goal weight - the harder it is to lose weight.
Someone who "only" has to lose 20 pounds to begin with will lose that wait faster than the person who's already lost 120+ pounds and is really just a fraction away from their goal weight.
Don't be too hard on yourself, my friend! You've done awesomely!
HildieMe a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Congratulations on paying off your mortgage, that's awesome! I can't believe you never refinanced. (Just be sure not to burn anything, you need that stamp that says "Paid Off" on the Note, and the Deed is a very important document, proof that you own the house.)

As for the weight loss, it will surely come. I'm amazed you never gained anything back, as I've done so often in my life. I think I know 101 ways of how not to lose weight!

The fight will never be over, but you are a winner, Bridget! Keep up the good work and let us know how it goes. Love your blogs, they are the highlight of my day.

6raham a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Appreciate the great work you have already done and use it to know you can get that next 19!
suzwriter a écrit il y a 3 mois:
You've got this, and we've got your back
aimeetu a écrit il y a 3 mois:
It took me almost 3 years to lose 40 lbs don't be so darn hard on yourself. We both know it will never come back and we can rest easy in that knowledge!! Hang in there and congrats on the house.
FarmerCarla a écrit il y a 3 mois:
I love your "pitbull" spirit. It takes that spirit of perseverance to accomplish many goals in life. God bless you.

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