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The Most Beautiful Ugly Sweater

I have this dream outfit on my mind, and I will not rest until I will be able to wear it with pride and joy. I want to look elegant and timeless, just like in my dreams. 

I don't even know where it comes from. Maybe I am a victim of the '70s or '80s when this look was in, or perhaps I watched too many episodes of Charlie's Angels and Jaclyn Smith's elegance has damaged me for life.

Whatever the reason, I want to wear a pair of jeans, combined with a timeless white t-shirt that would be tugged in nicely, held by a thin leather belt. On top of it I would wear a nice blue blazer, the ones only ladies seem to wear -or perhaps a leather blazer, in case I can't pull the lady-look off. The icing on the cake would be a pair of leather flats, with a goofy design -just because I can't help it. 

A silly woman and her silly dreams. 

I have more dreams like that. I would like to wear an ugly sweater to a Christmas party. This year, Christmas came too fast, and there was no time to fulfill my fantasy, but next year I will be on the hunt for the most ridiculous Christmas sweater this world has ever seen. The fat lady couldn't wear sweaters, but these times are over. Now I can! Now I will!

On Christmas Eve I got a big box, nicely wrapped with a gigantic bow. I opened it carefully, peeled away the layers of tissue paper and then there it was -nicely folded. I took it out of the box and screeched with joy. In my hand, I held a beautiful very heavy sweater. I could tell it was handknit and the design took me a bit by surprise. Normally, it wouldn't be my style, but everything about this sweater was perfect. I tried it on, and it fit like it was made for me. 

I clapped my hands with joy, kissed and thanked my husband and off to the mirror I run. I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked beautiful. The sweater had the perfect length. It covered my still existing belly and love handles nicely and made me look rather slim. The Fat Lady who was morbidly obese two years ago, looks slim -am I dreaming? 

I decided to wear the sweater for the rest of the evening and changed into my old jeans. I went back to the living room and joined the others. 

Everybody looked at me funny, most of all my husband. "You like the sweater," he said and shook his head. "Yes, I love it," I assured him and couldn't figure out why he seemed puzzled. The kids and he exchanged some funny looks.

We continued to exchange gifts, and whenever I glanced at my husband I could tell something wasn't right. "What's bothering you, honey," I asked and he just shrugged his shoulders. A short while later the kids burst with laughter and so did he. 

Come to find out, my husband had bought me a blue blazer, just like the one I had been dreaming off. He wanted to hide his present and thought it would be a genius idea to put an ugly sweater on top of the gift, to throw me off. The kids and he had gone to a resale shop and there they had searched for an ugly sweater in my size. They paid a whopping $2.99 for it!

My reaction to the sweater was not what my family had planned. Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and that's a good thing!

I finally unpacked the blazer and loved it as well. It is still a bit too small but will fit perfectly in about 10-20 pounds. I am so close to wearing my dream outfit -I can't wait! The blazer will give me the motivation I need on days when I will struggle. 

Interesting enough, no other present made me clap my hands on Christmas evening, only the "ugly" sweater got that reaction.

I regained temporarily 1.5 lbs. Too much food and too much laziness! I am happy with my Holiday-gain this year. I have maintained suitably and have lived well! I am learning, I am still learning!

120.5 lbs lost - Only 19.5 lbs to lose!

Life writes the best stories. We just need to lean back and enjoy them!

May we all have a Happy and healthy New Year! 

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20 commentaires:

BonnieHosk85 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Great story!
Tenacity149 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I love your Christmas story (as usual)!You really are a great story-teller. I'm so glad you got your sweater as well as your dream blazer - I only wish I could see you wearing it. I'm sure it will fit very soon! All of your hard work is paying off; way to go :-)
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I love this story....you'll be wearing that blue blazer before you know it. Meantime enjoy that "ugly" sweater....and wear it with pride a real reminder of the amazing job you've done so far.
ruffneckred a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Great story, hoping a pic of the ugly sweater is planned.
Gardengal1222 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I would love to see you wearing the beautiful ugly sweater, as well. Love your Christmas story. Happy New Year!!!
Lnchace a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Really enjoyed this episode! I have had moments like that where i catch a glimpse of myself in a store window and for a moment wonder who is that lady!
texteach66 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Love, love, love this!!! I feel your joy, partly because you express it so well, and partly because I still live in that space, too. I'm so happy for all of these moments for you, and for all my MFP friends who have done amazing things for themselves by pushing forward a day at a time. Can't wait till you can wear that blazer!!
FarmerCarla a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Happy for your perfect Christmas gift! We need a picture!
FranInGR a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Thank you for that! Beautifully written, and so relatable. I gave away my "ugly" sweater in a fit of "this will never fit me again" despair years ago. I missed it this year, when I could finally dream about fitting in it again. And I also gained 1.5 pounds while enjoying my kids' cooking, and have taken it back off already. You go, girl, you will rock that Jaclyn Smith look!
MVElf a écrit il y a 5 mois:
How absolutely wonderful- ALL of you! Hope you all have a healthy, lean New Year.
Wysewoman53 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
All I got to say is if "Life" writes the best stories, then you, Lovely Lady, need to change your name to "Life". I so enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading them, even if I don't always comment.

So glad your Christmas was wonderful and wishing you a very Happy New Year. I have a feeling the best is yet to come for you!
SeriousChick7 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Thanks for sharing! Great perspective? I look forward to reading about you reaching your goal. Rock on girl!
barneshall a écrit il y a 5 mois:
wonderful story, beautifully told..as always
jlooser1978 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
What a wonderful Christmas Story. You are an awesome writer. You stories are fabulous. I can not thank you enough for your inspiration.

As a college professor my goal was to finish the holiday season without gaining back any of the 42 pounds I had lost. I managed to lose 2 pounds over the month so I am happy. It was exciting to spend the time off going through my closet and getting rid of clothes that are too big. 58 more lbs to go.

I hope you have a very happy, healthy and blessed new year.

Can't wait to read about you fitting into the new blue blazer.

rundgrenrocks a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Great and funny story! Your family is wonderful. Happy new year!
LivingtheLeanDream a écrit il y a 5 mois:
actually that outfit you describe sounds like a classic look and its a great idea to strive to one day wear something like that :-)

Ha ref your family and the ugly sweater story! and your hubby getting you THE blazer.. this will be the year you get to pull off that outfit of your dreams.
PAnn1 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Teerai a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Very cute story! 😁

So curious now?
Can we see the sweater?
TerriRichardson112 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
This made me laugh so much. Those thrift store sweaters can be wonderful.
Fivepts a écrit il y a 2 mois:
I don't know why your posts make me cry. Joy maybe, Hope, identification. Thanks.

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