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The fat lady in maintenance mode

"Thanksgiving is just one day," someone wrote, and I didn't leave a comment, just grabbed my keyboard and tiptoed away.

Yes, I suppose that might be true, but not in our family. We are Holiday-crazy and Thanksgiving is the official start of the Holiday Season. The kids will come to town with their partners, friends will join us, and I will spoil them all rotten.

Turkey and glazed ham, stuffing, and eggnog. Every year, starting with Thanksgiving, our family falls into a food frenzy and while we are at it, we feed others as well. Planning meals, cooking and baking, that's part of my job description, and I take it seriously. The kitchen is my domain; I am the queen of my castle.

I love the Holidays and all the food that is associated with it -including the dreadful fruitcake. Old recipes and new creations, a mix of traditions that I don't want to miss for the world. There are office parties and neighborhood get-togethers, progressive dinners and charity events, cookie exchanges and Christmas celebrations. This is the busiest time of the year, all part of our wonderful life.

My family doesn't have a weight problem, neither do my friends. I am the only one who has been out of order for years.The world doesn't stop spinning just because I feel a little dizzy; it's up to me to adapt.  I can't expect everybody around me to adjust to my needs; I have to find a way to fit in.My new lifestyle will be up for a test and it will be the first of many to come. 

So I made a decision. I will go into maintenance mode from Thanksgiving to the 2nd of January. My goal is not to gain more than 3 pounds. "The fat lady is trying to maintain her weight," who would have thought?

But then if you think about it, why not? In about a year -give or take- I should reach my goal weight. From that moment on -for the rest of my hopefully long life- I will have to find a way to maintain my weight.  If I can't do it for six weeks, what makes me think I will ever be able to succeed?

To maintain -  To preserve -To protect -To guard

Powerful, important words.

I will enjoy this Holiday season like I always do and I believe I will be fine. I am not the mindless eater anymore; I have found a food awareness that will help me to stay within my limit. 

I will continue to log my food -even the mystery meals and secret recipes and I will weigh in once a week. There will be no guilt and no negativity. This is a learning process -I am here to learn. 

For six weeks I will not try to lose weight but will work to hold my weight loss and my weight steady. My decision leaves me with mixed emotions. I am a bit scared, curious, hopeful, determined, and insecure-the whole nine yard -up and down the rollercoaster. Perhaps that's a good thing. I will keep me on my toes.  

I am excited. Happy Thanksgiving!

75 lbs lost- only 65 lbs to go!

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teepuppylove a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Great job knowing what is important to you and being willing to make it work with your goals. Trying to maintain is a great goal and if I am honest, my goal as well.

I normally drop off MFP this time of year. This year I am challenging myself to log- the good, the bad, the ugly- everything (for me that will be a challenge).

Much like you, this time of year is full of family, wine, and food. We CAN do this and maintain until Jan 2nd (and maybe even pull out a loss or two along the way). Proud of you my friend!!! This is how you make it a lifestyle change and not just a diet!
texteach66 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
That sounds like a great plan! Maintaining scares me more than losing, because I have to do that forever. I may think about joining you on this journey of maintaining through the holidays. You've given me something to think about. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Zyvi a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I think you have an amazing approach. If I lived close enough to family for it to be a several week event, I would be doing the same. May you enjoy the hell out of the friends and family you spend this season with.

musicsax a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Good luck with the maintenance, it is a different type of challenge to weight loss, try to take smaller portions of things. And enjoy your Thanksgiving.
Gardengal1222 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Happy Thanksgiving to you. I Hope you enjoy your family, fun and traditions, but most of all your wonderful food creations. We all have challenges through the holidays. Good luck with your plan of maintaining. I'll be right there with you trying not to gain.
bbbDancer a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Great blog! Thanks for the motivation and what a good plan... to maintain, where most GAIN 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years.

And you struck a nerve when you said you would try to maintain for 6 weeks as practice for when you're at goal. I lost 80 pounds 12 years ago, came within 4 pounds of my goal.... and just kept trying and trying to lose the last 4, and then I started to gain, so then I was trying to lose the last 8, then 15, then, well you get the picture... I NEVER LEARNED TO MAINTAIN! And over several years, I went into menopause, and ALL the weight I lost crept back on. Your message of learning to maintain resonates.

Thanks for such an important message! And wishing you ALL the best this Holiday season!
kathleennf a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Kudos to you for logging and for resolving to maintain! I started on MFP 7 years ago now, the year after I gained 5 lbs during the 2 weeks I was "home" for Christmas and took 6 months to lose it back. The next year, after being on MFP for a mere 2 months before Christmas, I decided to do what you planned, but only for two weeks right at Christmas. I logged my Christmas day food a day or so later, and found that I had eaten more than twice my normal daily allowance. No wonder I'd gained the year before!! Anyway, I did learn to maintain, and have been in maintenance now for I guess more than 5 years. You can do it!
deadenddiva a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Always look forward to your comments. Your sense of humor carries the day. Count your blessings that you have so many of your friends and family around you at this time of year. You have come so far, I think that you've learned so much about nutrition and good eating habits that you will find you can maintain your weight loss and also really enjoy all the little tastes you have had to resist so diligently. Myself, tomorrow I will certainly have PIE! And perhaps even a small glass of (very) spiked eggnog. Then it's back on track, but I have no family nearby, so the holidays don't come at me for weeks on end. Thank you for all the inspiration, Happy Holidays, and Good Luck! We are all rooting for you!
upbeatbirdie a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I do the same during the holidays. Who wants to be set up for failure? If your goal is to not gain instead of losing you are far more likely to succeed. Also, many dietitians now suggest to regularly go into maintenance mode after every six months of weight loss. That way you learn HOW to maintain and will be more likely to maintain once you reach goal weight since you have already had practice. You also have more food intake and hopefully more micro-nutrients. Often dieters are lacking in nutrients because we just cannot fit in everything when reducing Calories.
hoopshobbs a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Broccoli, Cauliflower, and turkey without the skin will be my friends this year. No cookies, cakes, pies, potatoes, or bread for me. Hopefully, all will go well. Blessings to all.
missKmorgan a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I really needed to read this today. I've been thinking about the holidays all week and wondering how I will get thru them. Thank you so much for sharing. Your thoughts are inspiring. :)
Wysewoman53 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
It is so wonderful you are aware and have a plan for all of the get-togethers happening during the holidays! I think you will be surprised with yourself, however, when it comes right down to it. One a person is aware, it's very hard NOT to be aware and what you've been doing will follow you into the holidays just as it does everyday now. Last year, I was still losing but it was the holidays. So, I found myself doing what I always did and still do, I weighed and measured everything I ate and while I did not stay 100% within my calorie goal, I found I wasn't eating mindlessly and didn't gain a thing. I was closer to my calorie goal than I was farther away. One thing I did was (and still do) is use a smaller plate, only ate until I was full and continued to drink lots of water. I used low-fat or no fat ingredients to put everything together, even tho' I told my family I wouldn't-tee hee-and they couldn't tell the difference. I reduced the sodium by using low-sodium ingredients and didn't use added salt. However, I'm not much of a salt eater so my family was used to having to add salt to everything I cook. There are a ton of recipes out there that are basically the same as all the traditional foods we have for the holidays that are absolutely delicious and if I didn't tell the family they were coming from SkinnyTaste.com or Diabetic Living magazine, they ate them with zeal. Because we are changing a pattern of eating for the rest of our lives, it is important to find ways for our food to fit how we will eat for all time, not just when it isn't the holidays. You've got this and I'll be surprised if you don't keep losing, if you watch the amounts you eat and keep exercising or if you gain any weight at all. Calories are not linear, just as losing weight is not linear. What you eat today and throughout the holidays can be made up by those days that aren't 'special' if one is careful. I'd wish you good luck but I don't think you are going to need it! Instead, I'll wish you "Happy Holidays!"
Rincewind_1965 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I wish you all the best.

You will rock this season and impress us all even more than you usually do ...
smallsteps2success a écrit il y a 13 mois:
iYour courage and determination are so inspiring. You're healthy mindset going into this holiday season reminds me of this article http://physiqonomics.com/magnifying-glass-effect/ that I just read. I have no doubt you will be successful. Happy holidays to you and yours. =)
pizzafruit a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I struggle with the mind set that lots of food equals lots of fun. Great post and reminder for all. Have a joyous holiday season.
kjm_723 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I think you can do it. Just be aware that when you go from a calorie deficit to maintenance calories you will most likely experience a "bump", meaning even if you don't overeat you will gain some weight. It's your body replenishing your glycogen and water levels. I'm not a scientist but I've read that and I've found it to be true when I've taken "maintenance breaks". Keep logging, keep your activity level up and you'll do just fine.
KANGOOJUMPS a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I agree, I am similar. but it is a holiday, party on. I eat and drink what I want and I share that with family, when the holidays are over, then regroup!, you got this!
Anonymous a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Hi, Movie Chair! One thing that really helps me get through the holidays is to make two recipes that I just love and bring the dishes with me to holiday events. Why two? Because if I only pick one, then I only get to eat one thing, and I end up feeling deprived. If I have two, and I can eat as much as I want of those two, then I don't look at all the other food with longing. I did this last Thanksgiving. I hosted at my house, and I had the whole traditional turkey/mashed potatoes/gravy/stuffing/scalloped oysters (what--that's not traditional at your house?) deal. But I also made my favorite roasted brussels sprouts and bacon dish, and paleo apple crisp. I had turkey, sprouts, and crisp for dessert. I had the mindset going in that I don't "have to" eat paleo through the holidays--I *GET* to. I get to eat food that makes me feel healthy and vibrant. I get to not feel tired or have joint aches or red rosacea face. Get to--not have to.

And if you should fall face first into the peanut butter buckeyes, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and know that you *KNOW* what to do to get back on track. The whole thing is a giant experiment--like a game that you are playing with yourself. And you are already a winner, so just enjoy the process. You know so much more than you did. You are so much stronger than you were. Happy holidays!
PAnn1 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
You've got this! You have found the best of both worlds to get thru the holidays. Now what time do we eat?????? Oh and directions to the food, please :-)

EnduranceGirl2 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Wow - thank you for sharing. I've been in maintenance mode for 3 years now and when my weight starts to creep back up again, it's hard to keep from getting discouraged. Your resolve is inspiring. Thank you.
solieco1 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
This is so smart! Take control and make a plan that's reasonable and allows you to enjoy life at the same time! My favorite part is "There will be no guilt and no negativity. This is a learning process -I am here to learn.

Thanks for helping me come up with a plan :)
rundgrenrocks a écrit il y a 13 mois:
Great plan. Have a wonderful holiday!
mysteps2beauty a écrit il y a 13 mois:
For me, as every year, when I cook, I don't eat. I may taste and nibble to make sure it's tasty...but therein lies the problem....how do you measure these miniscule taste treats?
spepper50 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I think you are taking a very logical, sensible and totally do-able approach. I hope you enjoy every minute of this holiday season. I totally believe you can do it with no regrets or recriminations!
CrackedBelle a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I so appreciate your thoughtful approach. I have fewer challenges - no live-in family to cook for and fewer food-based traditions to maintain - so I'm going to try to keep losing through the holiday season. I am, however, determined to join you in using mindfulness and awareness of food intake to help me enjoy the season without relapsing into unthinking consumption. I'll log every bite, and be fully aware of the moments when I consciously decide that the immediate enjoyment is worth exceeding the limits set. That plan worked for me over Thanksgiving, so I hope it works through New Years Day as well. Thank you, again, for the inspiration you provide.
424a57 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I'm doing the same thing; only my shift to maintenance mode started just before Halloween (and all that chocolate). My "food counselor" and I decided that rather than stress over what is already a stressful time of the year, I will simply hold what I have. My goal is maintain my trend weight within 2-1/2 pounds of my pre-Halloween weight. My wife cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, making adjustments for my relatively strict dietary limitations. I have a trip to Hawaii planned, to visit with my son and daughter-in-law. I will enjoy the cultural difference and new foods (and log them as closely as I can). Bon Apetite.
kdbulger a écrit il y a 13 mois:
That sounds like a reasonable plan and a challenge in its own right! Wishing you all the best. I'm thinking of doing similar for the three weeks that my husband and I will be on leave together.
Sunna_W a écrit il y a 13 mois:
very, very wise! <3
angelasteele82 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
This is my goal as well. My health coach did not like that decision but I know what is best for me and maintaining is the best goal for me to have in mind.
Anniepi66 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
What a great read! Maintain, not gain. Awesome way to make it through this crazy season!

A month ago I was told I must lose 20 pounds before January 4th, maybe. Maybe? Because I am tentatively scheduled to have hip surgery on January 4th and the ortho told me I need to lose 20 pounds before he will do the surgery. "Can I do that? Can I?" You bet I can. I have to. My hip is killing me. Has been for months. I was under the mistaken impression that it would heal itself, knowing full well it would not. I have had steroid injections and they last for a while. I don't want "last for a while" any longer. This hurts too much. And it is preventing me from living my life. And it's messing up my back, my opposite knee and making me unbelievably grouchy! So I have to lose 20 pounds, though it is the eating season. I will do it. I will because I've lost 12 pounds. That's 8 to go before January 4. We went out to eat for Thanksgiving so there was no cooking and no leftovers. I ate somewhat over. My niece and family came on Saturday and brought fried chicken and all the trimmings for lunch, along with pecan pie, blueberry pie and apple crisp. I ate moderately, had one piece of the apple pie and was satisfied. But they left the apple pie. Sadly, I ate too much of it. But because I ate exactly what I was supposed to on Sunday and drank lots of water, I weighed this morning, my usual weigh in, and found out I had lost another 2 pounds! Thus the 12 pounds in one month. To boot, our kitchen is being remodeled, so we don't have access to a kitchen. It cuts down on the eating. We live in the middle of nowhere, so that cuts down on running to the Dairy Queen. 20 pounds by January 4 or bust!!
sheleen302 a écrit il y a 13 mois:
I think too often we don't look at maintaining weight through a vacation or a holiday season as a sucess. IT IS! Your goal is totally reaonsable and logical.
In fact, this is my goal every holiday season. Life is made for living. You can do it with intent and intellect in your approach. Enjoy all the food/family/friends!
MHChicago a écrit il y a 13 mois:
This is great advice. This is the first Thanksgiving (a three-day extravaganza with the in-laws) that I logged everything as I ate it (yay phone app) and it made a huge difference. At first I felt odd doing it in front of people - but it quickly became normal.
SheilaCali a écrit il y a 13 mois:
As eloquent as always, and amen!

I was hoping that my colonoscopy would help me lose over the holidays. Bummer. It didn't. Guess it's up to me then. The cookies won't help me. I started MFP the day after Xmas a year ago, because I was fed up with my lifestyle. I don't want to feel that defeated ever again. Don't let the food gain control. I'm in charge here!

I've only kept off about 15 pounds in a year, but if I do that again in 2018, I'll be at my goal. THAT'S worth skipping the fruitcake for. Miss Movie Chair, my advice is to take a bite and see if it's worth finishing. It probably isn't. Sometimes it is- and enjoy those bites with gusto! Cheers buddy!
MrsVerge a écrit il y a 12 mois:
This is a great idea! Thank you for being such an inspiration, in this post and your others. :)

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