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Just like a Pitbull

We had an argument and as so often, I asked the same question over and over, demanded an answer, where there was none. Even happy couples fight once in a while and when it happens, I show all the female trades so many cartoons make fun of.

I wish I could say that I chose my battles wisely, but the truth is I am more like a pressure cooker. I let it build up for weeks, months even, and then, without any warning, I let off steam and bring things up that happened a while back, and my poor husband each and every time doesn't know what hit him. 

During one of our silly fights, my husband made a statement that took me by surprise. "You are like Pitbull," he said, "You get a hold of something and then you don't let go."

WHAT??? He cannot possibly mean me? I thought but instantly knew he had made a point. 

Later on that night, I looked at our two older dogs -who happen to be Pitbull mixes we adopted many years ago- and I couldn't help but think about their character traits.  

Both dogs are clowns and always in a good mood. They are playful and loyal and yes, very protective -so am I. You mess with my family or people I love, and I will come after you -all guns blazing, even if it's just verbally. 

The dogs are not everybody's Darling -neither am I. I love people and the interaction with them, but don't see the point in pretending to like everybody -online or offline. 

Many seem to be in awe about by success and determination here at MFP and I often wonder about it myself.

680 days today! How in the world did I manage to be here for so long? How the heck did I achieve all the milestones and rewards, I had written down in a contract with myself so long ago. 

The journey to a healthier life and the weight loss that ultimately comes with it is not always full of dancing, singing, and rose petals, it can be tough at times.

How determined are you? I wish this would be a question MFP would aks us when we set our goals here. 

Are you ready to make sacrifices and last but not least -and once again I think about our fourlegged family members

Are you excited to be here? 

I know I am, and this hasn't changed a bit during the last 680 days. I feel the same excitement that I felt on Day #1. I am ready to plan and log my food. I am always eager to try a new, healthy recipe and anxious to share success -and temporary setbacks- with the people I am allowed to call my friends. 

This fat ladies journey to a new and healthier life requires indeed Pitbull determination and discipline. Good grief, my better half was right, if I really want something I don't let go. 

With that in mind, now for the second time, I will finish a rather unusual shopping list for Thanksgiving. Food, recipes, and meals are not sacred territory in our family anymore. I have rocked this boat last year and I continue to rock it a bit further this year. Hold on tight family, this is going to be fun!

The scale showed 190 lbs today in the morning. Another pound bit the dust!

680 days - 122 lbs lost - Only 20 more to go!

Happy Thanksgiving and a special cheer to all the Pitbulls, Pitbull mixes in the shelters. May you all find a home soon!

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17 commentaires:

Tenacity149 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your honesty and continued encouragement; you've helped me get back on track more than once. I am thankful that you are here at MFP :-)
SiegfriedXXL a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Happy Thanksgiving, my dear. Perhaps we could all benefit from adopting a Pitbull, and Pitbull like traits, on this journey. Glad you're still here and still excited to be here.
musicsax a écrit il y a 3 mois:
I know the journey is not always smooth and sometimes one's success can be an embarrassment when others make excuses for not sticking to a healthy food plan and fall by the wayside, but it's that determination that you've got that gives you success when others fail. Keep that determination my friend, don't let those folk embarrass you for being a consistent loser. You rock !!!
Gardengal1222 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Congratulations on your successful journey. I know you will make it to your goal because you have great determination and your family will be ready for anything you prepare this Thanksgiving. I am sure they are all very proud of this healthier person you have become. I would bet on it. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 3 mois:
You have a talent for being able to in words any things that life throws at you. That said, your words are often thought provoking for me. There is often a lesson or inspiration in them which has helped more than once. Please keep writing and sharing these insights and experiences. Wishing you a great Thanksgiving
kjm_723 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
2158 days for me. I can’t say that I have the same excitement after all this time, but I keep on keeping on because my health is important. I don’t actively log my food anymore, I can keep track pretty well in my head and my habits have changed so it’s ok. But I can’t stop logging into this site. I stay motivated by seeing others keep on keeping on and it helps me stay focused. You’re doing great! The last 20 were the hardest for me so don’t get discouraged if it gets a little slower or harder to lose. Happy Thanksgiving!
ruffneckred a écrit il y a 3 mois:
an inspirational post, thanks for sharing. I may have to borrow "like a pitbull" for a tag line or something. Have a great day.
jimroberts7758 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
What a heartening attitude. I'll at times get a "what's the use attitude." I think I'll borrow your pitbull take then.
barneshall a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Oh my, You have been describing my life! Here is another pitbull, whose husband suffers the consequences from time to time.:)
1theresamcvean a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Great blog post! I have a Havanese though. They were bred for companionship and are often called the 'velcro' dog. What can I learn from him I wonder? Well, there's one thing. He's free fed which means his food is always out and he can eat as little or as much as he wants or needs. I have noticed that he eats based on needs more than wants. The more active he is, the more he eats and drinks. The same with treats, he doesn't ask as much when he hasn't been active except for a few triggers, e.g. when he is brushed or bathed, he always wants a treat afterward. Luckily we have little, low calorie, single-ingredient treats that he likes.
zydeco69 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
I hope you and your Family have a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am so glad you are on MFP and that I ended up reading your Blog somehow....you definitely motivate me and help me get back on track. I need to be a pitbull but I seem to be a poodle. Ugh. I just can't stick with what I need to do. Every time I think about giving up and just getting the Lap Band surgery. I think if Movie Chair can do it so can I....
AustinRuadhain a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Happy Thanksgiving! I so appreciate your blog.
I too am out to rock the boat this Thanksgiving. It's a potluck, so I am bringing my healthier recipe options. Everyone has a choice, and I know I want to choose health and freedom of movement over sugar and oil rich recipes that will mess with my blood sugar and slow me down.
80 pounds down, just 45 to go.
One of the things I am thankful for this year is this community, including your blog. Have a great holiday!
lorrainequiche59 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Very good analogy!! I definitely need to be more pit-bull like in my approach to my weight loss routine. Thank you for the food for thought!!!
6raham a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Congratulations on some great consistency!
bearsmom2 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
While pitbulls are stubborn and a little thick headed. They are the most loving and loyal dog's ever! Kudos for being a pitbull!
cindypalmer007 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Happy Thanksgiving! I have been coming back to your blog regularly ever since I started my weight loss in July, 2017, and I'm finally going to leave you a note!
It has been so fun to look forward to what you'll have to say next! I know quite a few people see you as a role model and and inspiration(...I confess, Im one of them) But I am so happy to be taking this walk along side of a friend who is so good at putting it all into words(...not my strong suit!) 70 lbs down now, 20 to go ...
tdhandy51 a écrit il y a 3 mois:
Congratulations on your progress towards your goal and your time on MFP. From the viewpoint of someone who has almost 2300 days in a row, somehow it just happens. I started out somewhere north of 250lbs, now I fluctuate between 150 and 160 (I'd like to get that to be stable somewhere in the middle, eh, someday). As they say in the 12 step programs, one day at a time or sometimes it's just an hour at a time when you aren't feeling like you can do it. It seems from your posts that you have found what works for you, I have had people ask me how I lost my weight (and kept it off) and I have to tell them that they will need to find their own way, what works for me probably won't work for them.

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