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It's not just a Bra

I can multitask beautifully. The shoes fly off my feet while letting out the dogs. With one hand I check the mail and open the fridge with the other.

It's pretty much the same ritual every night. I am not sure if other women do the same, but I also take my bra off, as soon as I come home. The GIRLS deserve some freedom, it's like lifting a restraining order I suppose.

I am proud of our home and keep it neat and clean -most of the time- but I have my sloppy moments and so my bra ends up at places, no bra should ever be.

The evening dinner has priority, everything else will fall into place afterward. Washing and chopping, juggling knives, pots, and pans is the nightly entertainment that I really enjoy, and for that, I need room to maneuver -it's just as simple as that. That's why my bra has to go!

Two years ago it was a hassle. I was so big that I couldn't reach the middle of my back. I had to pull down the shoulder straps through the arms of my shirts, and then I turned the BEAST around until the hooks were in the front on my big belly -only then could I take it off.

Now I can reach my back easily, what is a good indication that my RA is really in remission. No way could I do it with aching joints and bones. The daily Nordic walking has given me upper strengths -without me realizing it at first. I am getting my mobility back and feel stronger with every passing day. 

Two years ago my bra looked like a monster. One night, I hung it on the hooks behind our bathroom door and it was almost as long as my robe. I remember the shame I felt when I saw it. This huge, unattractive piece of lingerie is what I have to wear, I thought and I never hung it up again. I didn't want to be confronted with the truth, it was just too painful. Not one of my proudest moment that's for sure.

54" that was my bandwidth back then, now it's only a 38" and I am mighty proud of it. No longer do I have to wear something that looks like a carrier for watermelons. Finally, I am back into a size -and range- that allows me to buy something attractive, and I enjoy it more than I can say.

Now I have the freedom to buy a bra just because I like the color and the style. No longer am I forced to find the ONE that might fit -but really never did.

Over the last couple of months, I have purchased a nice collection of loungewear and sleepwear, just because I could. It still feels a bit surreal. Me, the Fat Lady, fits into the clothes, I always admired on others.

No longer am I embarrassed when I look at my lingerie. No longer do I feel I have to hide it, because I don't want my husband to see the monstrosities I have to wear -not that he didn't know. Now my bra can hang on the hook behind the bathroom door, and noticing the difference between NOW and THEN makes me smile. 

The other night my husband came home and when he walked into the living room, he absent-mindedly, pet my black bra -thinking it was the cat laying on the back of the couch. When he told me about it, I lost it. I laughed so hard, it was the kind of laughter when you don't make a noise -because you just can't. 

With a smile, he handed me the neatly folded bra and it looked small, that's the one thing I noticed right away. SMALL!

With every pound I lose, my life seems to slip back into something I would like to call normal. Shopping for, and living in oversized clothes, never felt normal -I just pretended it was. 

I had to lose weight to realize how complicated and hard it was to be fat. May I never forget!

120.5 lbs lost - Only 19.5 lbs to go until Adjustment Day!

Half of my Thanksgiving-gain is gone. Yeah, Baby! 

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24 commentaires:

cindypalmer007 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
...God, I just loved this post!I laughed so hard, The bra petting is a classic that has to go down in the family history favorites!!!
carolynsutton6 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
For myself, the heavier I was, the more uncomfortable bras were. I'd switch from my underwire to my bralette in the evenings after work (like I would switch from jeans to leggings).

Now that I've lost weight, I don't seem to mind wearing an underwire bra all day. I don't absolutely need to wear a bralette or slip out of my jeans into leggings unless I really want to relax.

And OMG, it feels SO NICE to shop for clothes and find stuff that I like! There is such a wider selection - I can pick stuff I like instead of whatever fits!
lorrainequiche59 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I'm all about liberating "the girls" HEE HEE...I too hang my bra all over the place, but I live alone so it's not a deal unless I'm having friends over.

I love your blog. This one was classic...love the part about your husband petting your bra..too funny!!

You GO girl...so exciting that your hard work will soon be more hard work when you hit your goal...but you're proving how hard of a worker you are & it's just around the corner. Congrats on the success thus far!
Gardengal1222 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
This was a great post, you really made me smile. I followed your posts through your whole journey and it is uplifting to see you reaching your goal. Great job.
SassyCookieMe a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Feeling you on freeing the girls....my first move as well is to let em free. You have come so far and I absolutely love reading your blog which is a mixture of humor, pain and truth. You have a real ability to put into words what we all feel, thank you and don't ever stop sharing. You are a real inspiration and kindred spirit.
FarmerCarla a écrit il y a 6 mois:
No matter what size I am, I need that freedom as soon as I get home, too. And, it sometimes ends up in unexpected places. :)
FarmerCarla a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Just today, someone mentioned that a bra is to women what a tie is to men.
sdereski a écrit il y a 6 mois:
"it's like lifting a restraining order" - good one!
Laura80111 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
How funny he thought it was the cat! So happy for you for all the changes that have taken place in your life. I too love to shop for those beautiful bras enjoy your new size bras :)
franklin505 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Awesome Dear Lady brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face at the same time. I can so relate to this.
texteach66 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
The size of my clothes still shocks me sometimes when I'm doing laundry. And I love buying holiday pajamas because I can!!
pizzafruit a écrit il y a 6 mois:
I was once told that if I ever flew anywhere I should tuck one of my bras inside my pocket. Then, if we have to abandon ship I can pull the bra out and use it as a parachute and float gently toward earth. Looking back, I realize how close to the truth that was.
bigwimp10021 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Sometimes I take my bra off and leave it off all day. other times I even sleep with it on. Never heard of a guy mistaking a bra for a cat before. That was funny. I am in a size 40 or 42 and want to get back to my 36 I was once. I like wearing regular size clothes.
sleepymom5 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
It must be such a great feeling to see how far you have come! You are an inspiration! I love that you are sharing your journey with us!
JeromeBarry1 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
This is one of your very best, in an artistic way, blogs.
Sunna_W a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Good for you!
LivingtheLeanDream a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Keep writing these blogs because I always enjoy them :-) You're doing fabulously.

shelbysp8 a écrit il y a 6 mois:
Your posts give me such motivation to work harder - how I look for the day that I can walk into a store and buy something CUTE and no the UGLY that designers feel the "fat lady" needs to wear!
Continue your hard work; you're doing GREAT!!!!
Tenacity149 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
This was too funny - and too true. I laughed and cried at the same time!! I look forward to your blog posts, so keep 'em coming, please :-)
kjm_723 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Please write a book!
yayamom3 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
I wish you would blog every day! I check each day to see if you've added a new entry, and I get so excited when I see one! I love your writing style, your analogies and sense of humor! Kudos!
PAnn1 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
LOVE THIS,my S.P.!!!!!
TLIGHTFULL a écrit il y a 5 mois:
Bravo. My girls commiserate with yours. :) Excellent loss..
kathywilcox9 a écrit il y a 5 mois:
You are still losing and I realize you need new clothes. The problem is that for approximately every 10 pounds you lose, you go down a size. I needed clothes when I lost 20 pounds. I bought some new ones and now that I have lost 20 more, they are all too big. Nice problem to have, but who wants to wear clothes that are hanging on them?

Great story!

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